spring for

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spring for (something)

1. To pay for something expensive, especially as a treat for oneself or someone else. I decided to spring for the new video game as a reward to myself for doing so well on my exam. Janet is springing for a trip to Disney World for her family this summer.
2. To leap, dash, or dart toward something. I sprang for the door so that my wife wouldn't see the gift I was having delivered. The cat keeps springing for the dangling cord used to draw the blinds.
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spring for something

 and bounce for something
Sl. to treat someone by buying something. I'm bouncing for pizza. Any takers? Ralph sprang for drinks, and we all had a great time.
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spring for

Pay another's expenses, treat, as in I'll spring for the dinner this time. [Slang; c. 1900]
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spring for

To pay for something: My boss offered to spring for lunch.
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Girl guides from the 4th Wick Guides will host their Bounce for Poppyscotland on June 28 to give back to those who gave so much.
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"This has allowed many, many more hams to experience the thrill of moon bounce since smaller antennas and less power are required for success." Norris also recalled a memorable meeting with Taylor: "I had been giving talks for years at local ham clubs and conventions called 'Moon Bounce for the Masses,' where I described how easy it is now to do moon bounces using Joe's software.
The Bounce for Yorkshire is being staged from 11am.
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The average bounce for the first conventions in an election year is 6.3 points (5.3 excluding 1992) and for second conventions is 5.2 points.
It was found to be below 3 X [10.sup.-6] per bounce for DLC and around 2 X [10.sup.-5] to 3 X [10.sup.-5] for Beryllium.
The Bounce for Yorkshire takes place in the park on Sunday, August 26.