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All bridges are made of beams, supported by bearings, which bounce and move.
Our study aims to investigate potential heat-related risks associated with bounce houses, which is a microclimatic environment that has not yet been investigated but like automobiles may create hazardous conditions by altering radiative and convective energy exchanges.
Bounce opened its first facility in Dubai last year.
Based at Zip World adventure destination in Gwynedd, Bounce Below is one of eleven attractions for fun-loving families.
If you're driving the wrong people to your website, your bounce rate is going to be high.
The new 2016 line of commercial inflatable bounce houses includes a newer version of the Castle bounce house as well as an impressive 21 foot commercial inflatable water slide.
Look what happens when you bounce a baby on your knee, they start to giggle and smile and end up laughing.
The battery bounce test, popularized in online videos, shows that fully-charged batteries bounce very little when dropped, while those that have been used for a while bounce higher.
This week, Worcester youths age 17 to 21 met with Bounce trainers for a week-long orientation program.
Martin Schofield, chief executive officer of Super Tramp which is supporting the campaign, said: "You don't need a trampoline to take part, you could be on a rebounder, space hopper or pogo stick, you just need to bounce.
Global Banking News-November 22, 2012--UAE mulls cheque bounce decriminalisation(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
PEOPLE will be attempting to bounce into the record books in Huddersfield this weekend.
However, bounce factor theorists will tell you that Nicky Henderson's chaser ran too well on his return from a tendon injury to stand a chance of winning the Gold Cup this season.
To win in the game of life you will need to "be the ball" and learn The Bounce.