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On the 1st August he sold the buggy and bought the remains of an old sulky--said he just wanted to see those green Tennesseans stare and gawk when they saw him come a-ripping along in a sulky--didn't believe they'd ever heard of a sulky in their lives.
Eighteen months later--that is to say, on the 15th of February, 1837--he sold the sulky and bought a saddle--said horseback-riding was what the doctor had always recommended HIM to take, and dog'd if he wanted to risk HIS neck going over those mountain roads on wheels in the dead of winter, not if he knew himself.
em, it'll be because your friends have bought 'em for you, for you're dependent upon
I never asked anybody to buy the things in for me and my children; though there's the linen I spun, and I thought when Tom was born,--I thought one o' the first things when he was lying i' the cradle, as all the things I'd bought wi' my own money, and been so careful of, 'ud go to him.
I had bought a toy in the street for my own amusement.
Has the one we bought yesterday with him now, though you might not think it to look at him.
Wiki-Wiki," his Hawaiian short story, was bought by WARREN'S MONTHLY for two hundred and fifty dollars.
And, furthermore, they bought good stuff, too, for were they not buying his?
I traded for other things that boys valued and which they usually bought with money given them by their parents.
I remembered that French Frank had treated Johnny the day I bought the Razzle Dazzle.