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| Undy House, Undy, Magor: Bought for PS660,000 in August 2007.
10 Rowell Road LLC bought 10 Rowell Road from Lilliput Properties LLC for $425,000.
The number bought under Help to Buy equates to about one in 12 of all house sales in Flintshire.
Many products bought for special occasions are quickly abandoned.
Suppose Fred and Sue sold their purple duplex on December 20, 2005, for $100,000 and bought New Property on March l, 2006.
Now the debt is gone and she's on her second "Dave Ramsey car," a used 2002 Honda she bought with cash.
"We bought North Star Steel because it has operations throughout the central United States, not where Ameristeel has them, in the eastern and southeastern part of the country.
But I should have bought those extra hundred shares when I had the chance.
"CEOs are experts at many things, especially making widgets," he says, "but they are not necessarily experts at weighing the variables associated with buying a plane." Almy speaks from years of experience; he has spent time in the executive suite with more than 45 CEOs to determine why they bought business aircraft.
Ultimately, says Jim Jensen, executive director of the Montana Environmental Information Center, a nonprofit advocacy group in Helena, the taxpayers bear the costs when land is bought instead of regulated.
The signal event for that phenomenon was, of course, Sotheby's 1973 auction of works from the collection of taxi-fleet entrepreneur Robert Scull, in which--at a time when one faction of the avant-garde was trying like hell to subvert the market by making deliberately uncollectible installations, performances, and Earthworks--two pieces by Robert Rauschenberg originally bought for a total of $3,400 sold for $175,000.
Life settlements are an outgrowth of the shrinking viatical business, which bought policies insuring people with life expectancies of two years or less.
Although this car has given me much pleasure, I still can't figure out exactly why I bought it.