bottoms up

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bottoms up

A cheerful phrase or toast said before taking a drink. Ooh, that drink looks delicious—bottoms up!
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Bottoms up!

 and Here's looking at you.; Here's mud in your eye.; Here's to you.
Inf. an expression said as a toast when people are drinking together. (Alludes to the bottoms of the drinking glasses.) Bill: Bottoms up. Tom: Here's mud in your eye. Bill: Ah, that one was good. Care for another?
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bottoms up!

used to express friendly feelings towards your companions before drinking. informal
The expression refers to the raising of a glass towards the horizontal.
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bottoms ˈup!

(old-fashioned, spoken) used for telling people to finish their drinks, or to express good wishes when drinking alcohol: Come on everybody, it’s time to go home. Bottoms up!
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Bottoms up

sent. Let us drink up! (A drinking toast.) They all raised their glasses, and the host said, “Bottoms up!”
See also: Bottom, up
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