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It's equipped with a bottom drawer to access two additional banks of lamps, UVC lamps for the detack exposure, and UVA lamps for post exposure.
Having done this, do Japanese companies hide the business plan in the chief executive's bottom drawer, never to see the light of day again, like too many British companies I could mention?
A work surface provides a place to prepare medications, and a large bottom drawer stores supplies, or the C5 MCA when it is not in use.
I still have a small milk saucepan the first thing I bought for my bottom drawer and still in use 63 years on.
It also launched a French-door refrigerator with a bottom drawer that can function as a refrigerator or freezer compartment.
The bottom drawer is divided into two compartments, philosophies, which require total buy-in from the leader, and process tools from which the leader chooses only those that make sense for the organization.
Abe perused the document handed to him and said, "Let's just slip this into the bottom drawer here and see what happens," meaning the bottom drawer of his own desk, which is where he placed it.
Previously, the kit would have been thrown away or put in the kids' bottom drawer, but we had the idea of using it for children in Africa.
The bottom drawer, though, was jammed full: a final resting place for plastic bags from stores that had folded long ago.
I silently open the bottom drawer of my old bureau,
If Gerald Miley's wife had bothered to communicate she was stashing pounds 1080 in the bottom drawer of a chest her husband was intending to sell, perhaps Gerald would have upped the price a smidge, rather than selling it for a ninth of the value it contained.
His talents are highlighted on our first family CD, Songs from the Bottom Drawer, which was released in June (so this letter is also a shameless plug for our CD).
There's junk in your bottom drawer, in your briefcase and in your filing cabinets," he points out.
A few of the poems -- usually comments on historical events -- are banal or trite, smelling as if they were pulled from bottom drawer, quite unnecessarily, to bulk the collection out.