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Turn a few valves, install a bottling plant and begin to make the big bucks.
For more information about Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corporation and its products, please visit our website www.
Such statements reflect the current views of Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corporation with respect to future events and are subject to certain assumptions, including those described in this release.
AMW") is a publicly traded company and is engaged in the beverage bottling industry.
We are very excited about achieving this milestone with our Tustin bottling facility," said Roger Mohlman, CEO and President of American Water Star.
AMWS", "Company"), is a publicly traded company, NASDAQ OTC: AMWS, and is engaged in the beverage bottling industry.
Half of the bottling companies in China are independent local bottlers.
The grand opening of CALCOL's soft drink bottling plant of 110,000 square feet on the 40,000 square meters site on the JingHa Highway in Sanhe Yanjiao is estimated to be scheduled for Spring 2003.
CALCOL also had reported that it had paid additionally a deposit of US$560,705 towards the purchase of a medium speed PET bottling line to manufacture carbonated soft drinks, ice tea products and bottled water.
68 billion liters of finished carbonated soft drinks) annually for sale to independent (non-franchised) bottlers and the Company's own bottling plants in Beijing and throughout China.
We just stocked low-end wines at first,'' admits Elias, who now promises many rare and expensive vintages along with carefully selected bottlings priced as low as $4.
It also uses screw caps on four of its bottlings - including the Sauvignon Blanc and half bottles of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.