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Pepsi now has a new bottler called Empresas Polar, and the company says it has relaunched its soft drinks in more than 55 percent of the country.
After a solicitation process that involved collaboration with IT, the bottler hired Coupa Software, which makes procurement software that's delivered via the cloud, for the job.
They shipped concentrate to bottlers that were widely dispersed around the country.
Recession and fiscal tightening in Eastern Europe is hitting beverage consumption, hurting the bottler's single-serve package sales.
Some analysts wonder how the food and beverage giant can make sweeping changes, given that one-fifth of its drinks volume remains in the hands of about 100 small, independent bottlers.
A helpful local bottler provided CMAs for all bottlers that used them and source documents from the city's largest grocery chain.
So, what is the most important thing you should ask a mobile bottler before agreeing to contract with him or her?
We need such men to lead our country, men who are not afraid to face death; provided it's not their own, and given Bottler Brown has a short of robotic quality I feel he would be very good going around saying exterminate, exterminate, we will exterminate.
"Do you ken Gord Brown at the break of day, do you ken Gord Brown when he's far, far away", and there, complete with flak jacket, is Bottler Brown.
Carragher was determined to set the record straight and told the stunned presenter: "I'm no bottler".
approached Coca-Cola and its bottlers saying it wanted to increase availability of Powerade in its stores by delivering the product to its stores through its own warehouses rather than through the bottler system.
Analysts speculate that Coca-Cola will eventually sell its shares to another bottler. "Coca-Cola's strategy for owning bottlers hasn't changed," says Scott Williamson, a Coca-Cola spokesman.
"Mexican companies are advancing in a natural way: First they begin by exporting to Brazil, and then when they see the potential to advance they become transnational companies," says Ernesto Silva, director and president of Coca-Cola FEMSA, Coke's bottler in Brazil.
Consolidated, the second-largest licensed Coca-Cola bottler in the United States, said Wal-Mart accounted for approximately 15 percent of its total bottle/can volumes to retail customers and approximately 11 percent of the company's total net sales, according to court documents.
Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers (CCPRB) is negotiating to acquire Facey Commodities, the bottler and main distributor of Coca-Cola in Jamaica, and will assume control before the end of the year, confirmed CCPRB President Alberto E.