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The NRDC sent 103 brands of bottled water sold in the United States to be tested at independent, certified water-testing laboratories.
The same critics of bottled water may one day set their sights on the paper industry, which often uses more water than a typical bottling plant.
Vittel brand bottled water had the highest concentration of arsenic at 10.
Growth mainly came from fruit/vegetable juice, bottled water and functional drinks, which introduced a number of new and innovative products and packages and showed impressive rates of growth during 2005.
Bottled water is so ubiquitous that people can hardly ask for water anywhere without being handed a bottle.
In the Evian deal, the Department of Beaches and Harbors sent out letters to 61 companies that sell bottled water and/or fruit drinks and advertised in six local newspapers.
A new area for growth identified by bottled water brands is bottled water for children.
University students today are really the first generation to have grown up in America when bottled water became main stream in the 1980s," said Arthur von Wiesenberger, a renowned water expert, author and president of BottledWaterWeb.
Texas outright embargoed the brand in July--first for selling what appeared to be a non-disinfected bottled water within state lines, then for technicalities on the font-size of its mineral supplement label.
The National Resources Defense Council released the results Tuesday to counter what the watchdog group contends are misleading claims by an industry that has seen Americans' average annual consumption of bottled water nearly triple over the past decade.
The Global Soft Drink and Bottled Water Manufacturing industry report comprises establishments that produce bottled, tinned and canned beverages for human consumption.
Cases bottled annually: 260,000 (estimated; figure not divulged).
A survey conducted by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (LSR) reveals that dairies charge consumers an average of four cents per half-gallon less for milk in refillable containers than for milk bottled in non-returnable ones.
Major markets include carbonated soft drinks, food, juice and isotonic, bottled water, beer, dairy, wine and distilled spirits, personal care, and automotive fluids.
Bottled water, missing bad stuff, is also missing something most scientists say is good.