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Oh and my personal favourite, don't bother going to the bookies to bet on horses, just set fire to a pounds 10 note (that loss on the Grand National two weeks ago is still bothering me...)
That's really bothering him so watch for fiscal restraint in a second term."
Here Comes Baby won the first race there on February 5 only to be disqualified and placed second by the stewards for lugging in near the furlong marker and bothering original runner-up Pronto One.
"In the second incident, had it been a clear case of Pronto One altering course off Here Comes Baby's heels and bothering Talara, you'd blame it all on Here Comes Baby.
KEEN gardeners who spend a small fortune on fertilisers would probably be better off not bothering, a report claimed yesterday.
Something's been bothering me lately, and it makes me want to talk.
This bothering point, it would seem, is epidemic among key Boomer players.