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Richard Schaefer, who is De La Hoya's adviser and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, said that as far as he knows, De La Hoya's left hand is not bothering him.
And while Tracy won't publicly give his opinion, he suggested that he had some idea as to what is bothering Green.
With the blister bothering him since the fourth inning, he relied on just two pitches in his final innings and produced one of his most effective outings in weeks, allowing just one baserunner in his last three innings.
It's been bothering me for like a week, and I aggravated it (Friday) in the New Jersey game.
How is it that basketball player Baron Davis is criticized for not bothering to finish his schooling at UCLA and Kwan is criticized for bothering to start hers?
His back has been bothering him since last week, but he has improved enough to take grounders and hit in the batting cage the last two days.
Witness Kenneth Maxie said the man told police, ``I'm not bothering anyone.
If there's no reward, there's no motivation for him to keep bothering you.
Her legs have been bothering her,'' coach George Martin said.