bother with (someone or something)

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bother with (someone or something)

1. To expend one's energy addressing a particular person or issue. Often used in the negative to convey the opposite. Don't bother with Billy—he just doesn't care about his grades, and no rewards, threats, or suggestions have helped. Oh, don't bother with all that stuff, I'll put it away.
2. To disturb or irritate someone by involving them in a particular issue. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "bother" and "with." He needs to stop bothering me with these complaints about the computer system because there's nothing I can do to fix the problem.
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bother someone with someone or something

 and bother someone about someone or something
to annoy someone with someone or something; to worry someone about someone or something. (Either a physical annoyance or a mental annoyance.) Don't bother me with that! Don't bother yourself about the bill. I'll pay it.
See also: bother

bother with someone or something

to take the time or trouble to deal with someone or something. (Usually negative.) Please don't bother with Jill. She can take care of herself. Don't bother me with your problems.
See also: bother
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"I don't know why the Government doesn't just shoot all old people now so they don't have to bother with us," she said.
They didn't want to bother with us. They want people with class and money to buy their caravans.
'I don't think the police will bother with us,' he said.
Our vision would have transformed societal structures that clearly would take power from the powerful who, alas, are still up there, misrepresenting feminists if they bother with us at all.
Until he wins this thing, which he obviously will as his rivals are all much too ghastly even to discuss, and then becomes too famous to bother with us, Tufnell is, as a regular contributor to Sports Betting, a colleague on this newspaper.
'The buffet restaurants have hit our business and so we can't raise our prices because customers would not bother with us.
I wonder if they consider us so powerless and disorganized that they don't even bother with us anymore.
But when it comes down to really doing anything for the veterans they don't bother with us."
CHRISTINA DEAR has a question for David Cameron: "Why doesn't the Government just shoot all old people so they don't have to bother with us?" Her anger is understandable.
Santa surely had its place, but in which the wonder of why Jesus would bother with us at all underscored all the other symbols of the season, welcome light illuminating darkness, rituals of gift-giving, embracing the earthly elements of stars, fire, trees.