boss around

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boss (one) around

To tell one what to do. This phrase is often used to emphasize someone's behavior as controlling and/or unwarranted. You can't boss me around just because Mom isn't here! My friend at work got promoted, so now he thinks he can boss me around.
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boss someone around

to give orders to someone; to keep telling someone what to do. Stop bossing me around. I'm not your employee. Captain Smith bosses around the whole crew. That's his job.
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boss around

Tell someone what to do, give orders. For example, David complained that his older sister was always bossing him around. The use of boss in the sense of "to dominate" dates from the mid-1800s, and around was added a few decades later.
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boss around

To give someone orders in a forceful and unpleasant way: My older brothers and sisters are always bossing me around. What gives you the right to boss around everyone on the playground?
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11 ( ANI ): A new telepresence robot, called "Double", can help you actually boss around in your office, while sitting in your bedroom.
Government servants around the world sometimes think they can ignore the public and not take responsibility for service delivery, customer complaints and worst -- boss around with the public.
The lads had to work hard to get through the next few days and it was strange for us all not having the boss around.
The singer, 21, has managed to wrap the Topshop boss around his little finger, just months after being signed by Phil's pal SIMON COWELL.
But now famous faces will take turns to boss around housemates, listen in the diary room, set tasks and dish out punishments.
KANSAS CITY were fading fast in the final weeks of the regular season and the Chiefs cannot expect to boss around the Colts in Sunday's AFC Divisional Play-off.
We've been seeing the boss around the place in the last few weeks, but to see him back at Anfield is different.
And they are ready to pay the Newcastle United boss around pounds 3.
A male mounting another male is thus not displaying homosexual tendencies, but is simply saying, 'I'm boss around here,'" animal expert Stanley Coren said in Psychology Today.
IT will be a case of poacher turned gamekeeper at Bramall Lane today when Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock gets to boss around top refs Uriah Rennie and Howard Webb .
Admittedly Leicester suffered a bad end to last season's campaign but the people in power at Filbert Street must have conveniently forgotten how they were top of the Premiership under the same boss around this time last year.
Whatever happens the manager will be staying because I believe Ron Atkinson is the best boss around.
One in eight was even concerned things might turn physical and a third said having the boss around stopped everyone having fun, while one in five said they did not want them to attend at all.