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who died and made you boss

slang A set phrase used to express frustration with another's bossiness. A: "You have to clean your room and take out the trash before you go out tonight." B: "Geez, who died and made you boss?" Who died and made you boss? Quit telling me what to do!
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boss (one) around

To tell one what to do. This phrase is often used to emphasize someone's behavior as controlling and/or unwarranted. You can't boss me around just because Mom isn't here! My friend at work got promoted, so now he thinks he can boss me around.
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A confident, capable woman who pursues her own ambitions instead of working for others or otherwise settling in life. (Despite the name, a girlboss does not necessarily have her own business.) The phrase was popularized by Sophia Amoruso, founder of the fashion company Nasty Gal. Why are you still working in this dead-end job? You need to be more of a girlboss and take control of your life.

show (one) who's boss

To demonstrate authority or dominance over one so that it is clearly recognized, especially by means of defeat or some form of subjugation. You can't keep letting your employees walk all over you like that. You need to show them who's boss. You saw what their players said about us on Twitter. Let's go out there and show them who's boss in this conference.
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boss (one) about

To tell one what to do. This phrase is often used to emphasize that someone's behavior is controlling and unwarranted. You can't boss me about just because Mom isn't here! My friend at work got promoted, so now he thinks he can boss me about.
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straw boss

A mid-level or junior supervisor with minimal authority over others. My official title was kitchen manager, but I was really just a straw boss since I couldn't do more than schedule shifts and order supplies. She's nothing more than a straw boss, but Janet acts like she runs the place now.
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boss someone around

to give orders to someone; to keep telling someone what to do. Stop bossing me around. I'm not your employee. Captain Smith bosses around the whole crew. That's his job.
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boss around

Tell someone what to do, give orders. For example, David complained that his older sister was always bossing him around. The use of boss in the sense of "to dominate" dates from the mid-1800s, and around was added a few decades later.
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straw boss

A subordinate boss, a worker who supervises other workers as well as performing regular duties. For example, Jim was pleased when he was promoted to straw boss. This term alludes to the person's position as a straw man, that is, a front or cover for the real boss and of only nominal importance. [Late 1800s]
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show someone who's boss

make it clear that it is yourself who is in charge.
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show somebody who’s ˈboss

make it clear to somebody that you have more power and authority than they have: I think it’s time we showed these people who’s boss, don’t you?
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boss around

To give someone orders in a forceful and unpleasant way: My older brothers and sisters are always bossing me around. What gives you the right to boss around everyone on the playground?
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mod. excellent; powerful; superior. That is a boss tune.

boss dick

n. a cop; a police officer. (see also dick = detective.) The boss dick slugged me in the face and said I should be more careful.
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boss lady

n. the woman in charge. You’ll have to ask the boss lady.
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boss man

n. the man in charge. I guess the boss man is about ready to retire.
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straw boss

n. a foreman; anyone who is second in command. I don’t mind being a straw boss as long as they pay me.
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