borrow from

borrow from (someone or something)

1. Literally, to use something that belongs to another person, with the intent to return it later. A noun can be used between "borrow" and "from." Because I found a date to the dance at the last minute, I just borrowed a dress and shoes from my sister. I ran out of art supplies so I had to start borrowing from Steve.
2. Of a work of some kind, to use elements from something else. That movie may be a comedy, but its plot borrows from crime films of the 1940s.
See also: borrow

borrow something from someone

to request and receive the use of something from someone. Can I borrow a hammer from you? Sorry, this hammer was borrowed from my father.
See also: borrow
References in classic literature ?
I know not whether it may be worth observing, that the HOUYHNHNMS have no word in their language to express any thing that is evil, except what they borrow from the deformities or ill qualities of the YAHOOS.
The next morning, the weather being changed, I had not clothes enough in my possession to defend me from the cold, and was obliged to borrow from my friends.
The Ministry of Finance is going to try to borrow from banks some 48 million euros on Tuesday considering that on Wednesday it will have to repay home creditors just as much.
Banks in Spain are believed to have increased their borrowing from the ECB as financial institutions in the country are finding it difficult to borrow from the international capital markets.
By including the language "other than the taxpayer" a taxpayer is permitted under the Code to borrow from family members or entities in which he or she has an ownership interest and increase his or her at-risk amount, as long as the lender does not have a direct or indirect disqualifying interest in the activity (other than the relationship with the taxpayer).
1 -- color) Betsua Vera, 4, finds the toy she wants to borrow from the new toy loan center at the Santa Clarita Valley Service Center in Newhall.
If an entire alliance runs out of money, Title IX, Subsection C allows it to borrow from the federal government.
A large increase in required reserves is assumed to increase the need to borrow from the window.
The districts are expected to borrow from 8%-60% of their expected tax levy through the two state note issues, with the higher amounts borrowed by the largest districts.
However, as illustrated in TAMs 200010010 and 200011005, if a GRAT/GRUT does borrow from a third party, there may be negative income tax consequences associated with such borrowing, whether the loan is incurred to pay the annuity or unitrust payment or for some other reason.
Banks, paying more to borrow from the Fed and other banks, will quickly make up for their increased expenses by charging businesses and consumers more to borrow.
If you borrow from your plan at 7 percent but the cash pulled out has been earning 9 percent in the stock market, you are losing out on the additional earnings and future compounding interest.
Students who borrow from other financial institutions may receive less than 100% of the amount they borrow.
An "A" rating (as assigned to Botswana) implies a strong capacity to service debt; this means that if Botswana chooses to borrow from the international financial markets, in foreign currency, there is high likelihood that it will be accommodated and then repay the debt on time.
A home equity line of credit allows one to borrow from a revolving line of credit with variable interest rates.