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bore through (someone or something)

1. Literally, to create a hole in an object or material. You're going to need a special drill to bore through something this thick.
2. By extension, to penetrate someone's inner self or emotions, often in a deeply affecting way. I had to turn around and look at the mysterious man because his gaze just bore through me.
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boring in the extreme

Extremely boring. That film was boring in the extreme—it actually put me to sleep in the theater!
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boring old fart

An older person, typically male, especially one whose views or attitudes are considered boring or old-fashioned. Ah, don't mind that boring old fart. He's just cantankerous because he isn't up to speed with the way of today's youth. I've fully embraced that I'm going to be a boring old fart when I get older.
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silly in the extreme

Extremely silly. I thought that movie was silly in the extreme, but the kids loved it.
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boring, silly, etc. in the exˈtreme

extremely boring, silly, etc: I must admit, it’s puzzling in the extreme just how these books found their way here.
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boring old fart

and BOF
phr. & comp. abb. a very boring older person. (see also birds of a feather.) Bob’s dad is a vintage BOF. But all old guys are. Don’t be a boring old fart. Let’s go out tonight.
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Before, the lawn stretched boringly out in front of the house toward the street.
Chitrangada stands in contrast to the others -- Jimmy, Dutt and even Mahi -- who all appear boringly wooden in a world Dhulia creates through sickening amorality and wicked scheming.
'Boringly normal' was how Education Secretary Leonor Briones cheerfully described the Monday opening of public schools, perhaps to say that it went on as scheduled.
It is not a book to become familiar with in a train carriage as I originally intended, although strong was the temptation to compete with boringly loud phone users with their appointments and dealmaking.
As for Lord Heseltine's proposals, they are a mix of the boringly predictable and the utterly useless, in my opinion.
"I am too boringly insecure, which makes me ridiculously down to earth" Bette Midler wishes she could be more of a diva.
The BBC, scrupulously, boringly unbiased, is an easy patsy.
It's boringly dull, but totally true that nothing gets decided now - I just hope that it is a decent spectacle worthy of the billing because very little is these days.
You're starting to repeat yourself and become boringly predictable.
And there was no real sense of panic as the passengers proceeded in a boringly orderly fashion to too few lifeboats.
"Despite what the documentary may try to dig up, the more obvious answer for the landslide of votes from Germany, the penultimate country to vote, for Spain which tipped the result Massiel's way is - rather boringly - she went on a really popular German TV show the week before the contest to perform her song, so it was the entry they were most familiar with.
Although a conscientious and boringly careful driver with a clean licence for nearly 50 years I also was caught out by the extended 30mph area only a few days (as I now know) after the new signs were erected.
A smorgasbord of fests now thrive--under the banners of Ladyfest, Wiminfest, CampOut Calliope, Sistah Summerfest, and the more boringly named National Women's Music Festival.
While Canada reported another "boringly positive report" as the GDP and employment are growing steadily, yet occupancy levels are decreasing in office and industrial properties as companies more efficiently use space.