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bore through (someone or something)

1. Literally, to create a hole in an object or material. You're going to need a special drill to bore through something this thick.
2. By extension, to penetrate one's inner self or emotions, often in a deeply affecting way. I had to turn around and look at the mysterious man because his gaze just bore through me.
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boring old fart

An older person, typically male, especially one whose views or attitudes are considered boring or old-fashioned. Ah, don't mind that boring old fart. He's just cantankerous because he isn't up to speed with the way of today's youth. I've fully embraced that I'm going to be a boring old fart when I get older.
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boring in the extreme

Extremely boring. That film was boring in the extreme—it actually put me to sleep in the theater!
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silly in the extreme

Extremely silly. I thought that movie was silly in the extreme, but the kids loved it.
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boring, silly, etc. in the exˈtreme

extremely boring, silly, etc: I must admit, it’s puzzling in the extreme just how these books found their way here.
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boring old fart

and BOF
phr. & comp. abb. a very boring older person. (see also birds of a feather.) Bob’s dad is a vintage BOF. But all old guys are. Don’t be a boring old fart. Let’s go out tonight.
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For the cost of two good standard machines (line boring and dowel drilling), customers are now finding the cost very close to that of a basic point-to-point machine," said Steve Jones, sales manager with Altendorf America.
Our administration is proud to support The Boring Company to bring rapid electric transportation to MD 6 connecting Baltimore City to D.
The City of Wichita had been considering new construction techniques," says Staley, "and decided to use the opportunity to try directional boring to cross the stream.
If you're not using point-to-point boring machines because they are computer programmed, then digital counters should be available and utilized," Griffiths said.
After leaving the service, he went to work as a welder for Fornea Road Boring in Jackson.
Although we all think this rule is a matter of good machining common sense, it is important to remember that boring bars have 50 percent disadvantage to external turning toolholders.
In fact when asked about their attitudes to 17 sports the British public found that those who had watched 12 of them were more likely to find them boring than exciting.
com/elonmusk/status/941388347183841280) Thursday that 10 "hat aficionados" who purchased one of his Boring hats would be picked at random to tour the Boring tunnel and drive the machine that's created it.
Each soil boring shall include pavement cores in order to determine existing pavement thickness.
Residents of Boring and Dull yesterday celebrated their partnership.
The Climax Bore Welder Interface Kit simplifies the boring and welding setup process: Because the BW1000 AutoBoreWelder uses the same mounting fixtures as the Climax BB3000, BB4500 or BB5000 Boring Systems, you can weld up one section of your job and bore out another section at the same time.
Columbia Gas determined auger boring to be the most effective method for this job.