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It will remove the need to make conversation with a driver who is bored stiff with passengers in the middle of the night.
Peterhead boss Jim McInally admitted he was bored stiff watching his side win.
Audiences are bored stiff of seeing the same faces.
It might have been a good way of making money but honestly, we'd have got bored stiff!" He says of the future: "All I want to do is continue doing new stuff.
Redknapp admitted he was bored stiff. "I didn't enjoy standing watching how we played.
"He was supposed to accompany me everywhere I went, but fortunately got bored stiff after half a day and disappeared.
I know someone who once tweeted Bored stiff at work the following week, she received a letter terminating her services.
Living down south, I took them to Arsenal, Chelsea - it was silent and they were bored stiff. Now, thank goodness, they are very big Boro fans, because we've gone to some away games where the atmosphere has been fantastic."
Other stars are bored stiff, even depressed, when projects don't come their way one after the other.
The mum-of-three whined recently saying that though she would be bored stiff without her hubby, she won't be going as their kids' too would have their school going on.
In sum, the general public is already bored stiff, impatient, and agitated with the PDAF which will be prolonged and aggravated should the Supreme Court suddenly declare the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) as constitutional.
And while his missus bagged a money-off deal, hubby Wills was said to have been sitting in the car outside looking "bored stiff".
Meanwhile, Prince William, who accompanied Kate on her shopping spree looked "bored stiff" as he waitied in a car.
Wayne has appeared in many North East productions, such as Ride a White Swan, The Machine Gunners, Bored Stiff, Worlds Apart, Riot, Cuddy's Miles and Alf Ramsey Knew My Grandfather, as well as Middlesbrough-set gangster film Thugs, Mugs and Dogs.