bore (one) to death

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bore (one) to death

To cause one to be extremely bored, to the point of distraction, frustration, or irritation. Today's lecture bored me to death.
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bored to death

Extremely bored, especially to the point of distraction, frustration, or irritation. I was bored to death listening to that lecture this afternoon.
See also: bore, death
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bore to death

Also, bore to tears or bore stiff or bore the pants off. Weary someone through extremely dull talk or uninteresting action. For example, Sam was bored stiff by the opera but didn't dare to admit it, or Carol bores the pants off me with her constant talk of remodeling, or His books bore me to death. All four expression convey the idea of such exasperation that one dies, weeps, stiffens with annoyance, or has one's trousers removed. The verb bore has been used in this sense only since about 1750, and its etymology is unknown. The amplifications were added between about 1850 and 1950. Also see under pants off; talk one's arm off.
See also: bore, death
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He supposed that next day she would tell the girls in the shop that he had taken her out and that he had bored her to death. He disliked her, and yet, he knew not why, he wanted to be with her.
Eventually, Ruth would like to run her own school, minus the 'curriculum which bored her to death'.
Photographer Emma, no stranger to marathons herself, indulged us as we bored her to death about running, but still managed to take some great photos.
A while ago, I called my best friend seven times in one night, and no doubt bored her to death with every single detail of the situation