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Are we constantly changing because we are bored with routine or are we always serving God?
Scott O'Donnell of, which commissioned the survey, says that the typical adult wastes almost six hours a week feeling completely and utterly bored with life, which is the equivalent of 13 days a year, or 786.5 days over the average adult lifetime of 60.5 years.
Auger boring machines may lack the perceived "glamour" of horizontal directional drills, but they continue to be widely used because of the relative low cost of making an auger bored installation compared to other trenchless methods and because there are a large number of contractors with auger boring machines who have the experience to use them effectively.
What do I do when my children complain about being bored?
Staff will also be setting up a special website with competitions and tips about how to avoid becoming bored.
Precision holes can be bored using micro-adjustable boring bars.
Stretches of rock will be either blasted with dynamite or bored with a TBM, but workers must immediately support the crumbly walls with thick layers of concrete and steel arches to prevent their collapse.
"We bored everything," says Montgomery, "not disturbing lawns or closing streets.
Two retractable locator pins permit accurate successive boring of seven holes per cycle and the line of holes can be bored up to 94mm from the edge of a panel.