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Mr Squeers was observed to draw the grey-headed gentleman on one side, and to ask a question with great apparent interest; it bore reference to the Five Sisters of York, and was, in fact, an inquiry whether he could inform him how much per annum the Yorkshire convents got in those days with their boarders.
The bore evacuator should be cleaned after firing and monthly if not fired.
Remove the muzzle brake and bore evacuator following the instructions starting on Page 3-53 of TM 9-2350-311-10 and Page 3-97 of TM 9-2350-314-10.
But with a smooth bore, plastomer actually ran better than LLDPE, Erderly reported.
However, W&H finds that as the extruder size increases, the specific output rate improves relative to a smooth bore. A 70-mm, 30:1 model processes Exact plastomers at 1.9 lb/hr/R, only 15% below the smooth-bore rate.
Conair introduced the Series 2000 HT Micro Bore system at NPE in Chicago last month.