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border (up)on (something)

1. Literally, to be positioned next to something. France borders upon Spain to the south. That shed definitely borders on our property.
2. To share similarities with something without being identical to it. Be careful, some sections of this paper are bordering on plagiarism.
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border (up)on something

1. Lit. [for something] to touch upon a boundary. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Our property borders on the lakeshore. The farm borders upon the railroad tracks.
2. Fig. [for some activity or idea] to be very similar to something else. (Not usually physical objects. Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This notion of yours borders upon mutiny! That plan borders on insanity.
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border on

or border upon
1. To be next to something in location: New York State borders on Lake Ontario. My property borders upon a small lake.
2. To come close to being something, especially in association, meaning, or intent; verge on something: Your harsh criticism borders on being offensive. Some of their jokes were funny, but others bordered upon the ridiculous!
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The six nominees in each category were chosen by Borders store employees and corporate office employees and the winners were selected by a cross-functional panel of judges at the corporate office, who volunteered to read each book nominated and listen to each CD and serve in several group discussions on the nominated selections.
Working through the leadership of its two "mainstream" political outlets, the bipartisan Establishment has defined the party line on immigration: the effective collapse of our border with Mexico has created a social, political, and economic crisis that can only be solved by eradicating the border altogether.
The new Borders store at The Curve features a selection of approximately 200,000 book, music, periodicals and movie titles available in an inviting atmosphere with plenty of comfortable seating throughout the store.
Borders selects store locations based on a variety of factors including:
The governor's decision comes more than two weeks after Bush asked four border states to deploy 6,000 Guard troops to help agents.
While mainstream media outlets and local public officials portray these groups as fringe elements, vigilantes and Border Patrol agents occupy essentially the same piece of a violent border society.
According to Suk, the NIEHS already funds several projects on topics applicable to border health problems, which may be enfolded into the BRIDGE Program.
Mexico border, as even the book's logo, which traces the distinctive "line" of the border from San Diego to Brownsville, would have the reader believe.
Acme Packet took the lead in defining the role of session border controllers in the IMS functional architecture," said Seamus Hourihan, Acme Packet vice president of marketing and product management.
President George Bush and his allies in Congress claim that the SPP will secure our borders, help stop terrorism, and make all of North America more prosperous.
By securing the borders, Bush has taken the critical first step toward fixing America's badly broken immigration system.
Raul Hinojosa, President of No Borders, states that, "This agreement is very significant to No Borders in that it provides a targeted and efficient approach to market the No Borders' bank issued debit cards to remittance sending customers in the United States through direct contact to those credit union members who are remittance beneficiaries.
National Alliance fliers designed to coincide with the event were circulated in numerous communities along the Arizona border.