border (up)on (something)

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border (up)on (something)

1. Literally, to be positioned next to something. France borders upon Spain to the south. That shed definitely borders on our property.
2. To share similarities with something without being identical to it. Be careful, some sections of this paper are bordering on plagiarism.
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border (up)on something

1. Lit. [for something] to touch upon a boundary. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Our property borders on the lakeshore. The farm borders upon the railroad tracks.
2. Fig. [for some activity or idea] to be very similar to something else. (Not usually physical objects. Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This notion of yours borders upon mutiny! That plan borders on insanity.
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border on

or border upon
1. To be next to something in location: New York State borders on Lake Ontario. My property borders upon a small lake.
2. To come close to being something, especially in association, meaning, or intent; verge on something: Your harsh criticism borders on being offensive. Some of their jokes were funny, but others bordered upon the ridiculous!
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These performances are becoming businesslike; they are now bordering upon the routine, and that's exactly what Newcastle will need if they are to return to the Premier League.
Her stated enthusiasm for Sibelius's music, at times bordering upon flattery, and her well-meaning advice on yarions points concerning his health and career, at times bordering upon presumption, are on display throughout her letters.
Then my casual interest in astronomy became an obsession bordering upon madness.
Added to this the propensity to flatten that which the council no longer cares for has reached epidemic proportions and is bordering upon the absurd.
The recent emergence of new strains of staphlococcus Aureous (SA) in hospital environments has caused consternation bordering upon quiet panic.
What about those 'fun palace' teachers who are unnecessarily 'matey' with the pupils, calling them by nicknames, talking in the latest playground slang, dressing scruffily, and accepting from the pupils an over-familiarity bordering upon insolence, which invariably leads to disruption and a breakdown of discipline.
Patients complained of mood and ideational problems: profound sadness bordering upon despair, an abiding feeling of hopelessness, helplessness.
Each of these chapters is in the nature of a "how-to" text for claims personnel and risk managers, sometimes bordering upon an organizational pep-talk, but still mostly substantive.
It is ultimately impossible to carve off a distinct territory for economics, bordering upon but separated from other social disciplines.
Across on Merseyside, there has been an acceptance - bordering upon a complacency - the Wijnaldum deal is all-but done, with a squad number already cherrypicked.