border (up)on (something)

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border (up)on (something)

1. Literally, to be positioned next to something. France borders upon Spain to the south. That shed definitely borders on our property.
2. To be very similar to something without being identical; to nearly be something. Be careful, some sections of this paper are bordering on plagiarism.
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border (up)on something

1. Lit. [for something] to touch upon a boundary. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Our property borders on the lakeshore. The farm borders upon the railroad tracks.
2. Fig. [for some activity or idea] to be very similar to something else. (Not usually physical objects. Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This notion of yours borders upon mutiny! That plan borders on insanity.
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border on

or border upon
1. To be next to something in location: New York State borders on Lake Ontario. My property borders upon a small lake.
2. To come close to being something, especially in association, meaning, or intent; verge on something: Your harsh criticism borders on being offensive. Some of their jokes were funny, but others bordered upon the ridiculous!
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References in classic literature ?
Edna could not control a feeling which bordered upon complacency at her friend's praise, even realizing, as she did, its true worth.
Akut accepted her on a footing which bordered upon equality when it was necessary for them to come into close contact; but for the most part he avoided her.
But it was impossible to express it by words, for their excessive joy naturally driving them to unbecoming extravagances, they had no way to describe them but by telling me they bordered upon lunacy, having no way to give vent to their passions suitable to the sense that was upon them; that in some it worked one way and in some another; and that some of them, through a surprise of joy, would burst into tears, others be stark mad, and others immediately faint.
At the Grandmother, in particular, he gazed with a curiosity which almost bordered upon rudeness.
Benitez's tenure looks set to have been book-ended by the Steves; the first, McClaren, took the job in a position of weakness, and one that bordered upon desperation.
Rather than provide the creative spark to the United attack as he did during the second half of 2017/18, Kenedy has bordered upon a waste of a domestic loan signing this term.
On occasions, the falcons have bordered upon extinction from our shores due to the use of DDT, a powerful insecticide used in agriculture, and also during the Second World War when there was a purge on these creatures.
They rounded the first turn of the mile and a quarter together through the rain so persistent it soaked the 157,813 and bordered upon grotesque, and they got to the backstretch before Justify commenced making sure the race would be about him, one way or another.
The failure to sign another leftback was not just illogical, it bordered upon negligible.
Sanford rates a 4.5 on the Moritz scale because his behavior was hypocritical, tacky, reckless and stupid--and bordered upon illegal, although not quite criminal.
This project has been one where the business has gone from a major loss-making situation that bordered upon closure to one where the business is achieving the accolades it deserves.
More is the pity that he leaves the club in the second division of the National League, thanks to umpiring inflexibility that bordered upon the ridiculous.
Even by Newcastle's depressingly poor standards on Tyneside this season, this limp performance bordered upon the desperate.