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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I think I am just an itty-bitty boozy-woozy.


and topsy-boosy (ˈtɑpsiˈbuzi)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was so topsy-boosy she couldn’t stand up.
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All Blacks <Blegend Dan Carter has lifted the lid on a boozy night out in Cardiff
DOWN AND OUT Lucy and Ryan on the floor after a boozy night out.
But Greek film fans said it makes their country look "ideal" for a boozy break.
99 [pounds sterling], while the Boozy puds will be available through Waitrose and Ocado from late November at 5.
Adding another dimension to the traditional fare, Boozy Rum & Raisin is a blend of mincemeat and Fruibel Delifruit Rum & Raisin.
Are boozy yobs or rowdy pubs and clubs making your life a misery?
BOOZY Britons will down enough lager to fill more than 8,000 swimming pools while on holiday this summer.
It must be something to help someone get out of prison, and that's good because that seems to be where these boozy.
This particular bar consists of the usual countertop and collection of gaudy liquor signs and gleaming bottles, but it also has an added feature: It emits stage smoke to approximate a late-night boozy atmosphere.
Frank Bryant (Michael Caine), a boozy, divorced, middle-aged professor with enough self-pity to sink the Love Boat
Their boozy end-of-term Trinity May Ball (they don't even seem to know what month it is) also saw under-graduates passing out in punts, abusing passers-by and wrestling with security officials over a bottle of beer.
London, Aug 17 (ANI): Former Atomic Kitten member Kerry Katona has ignored the requests of friends to go to rehab after recent disclosure of her use of drugs, and has instead decided to go for a boozy holiday.
The couple had a stand-up row at the boozy bash as Chanelle accused Ziggy of ignoring her.
Q WE have a boozy lunch culture at work but I'm not a big drinker and like to keep a clear head.