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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I think I am just an itty-bitty boozy-woozy.


and topsy-boosy (ˈtɑpsiˈbuzi)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was so topsy-boosy she couldn’t stand up.
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Pastry is crumbly and buttery, whilst the filling has a good boozy kick.
The Vanilla Boozy Bundt[R] is a light moist sponge infused with authentic Jamaican rum, filled with rum buttercream and topped with a glace cherry, and has a total rum content of 5%.
A source said: "There were a few eyebrows raised about choosing to mark the re-opening of a bar that got wrecked by drunken sailors with another boozy bash.
5/10 TESCO'S FINEST DEEP FILLED MINCE PIES, PS2 for 6 Quite a strong boozy taste, but there wasn't enough filling and they were a bit dry.
But the escapade was soon put behind him just six days after his boozy trip to London, when Carter scored 26 points alongside three tries from Rico Gear in a 41-3 rout of Ruddock's side.
Boozy Bond Although they do concede that 007 may have felt the need to drink due to the highly stressful nature of his job.
QUICK, JB Gill - time to cram in a load of boozy nights.
2 million pounds in its first week, featured four geeky teens, Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, on a boozy trip to Malia in Crete.
The alleged incident took place on July 5 after Acors and Palmer had spent the day drinking at a boozy brunch.
Phillip Buckingham lit the cotton wool and pillows costume after a boozy graduation party at Linton-on-Ouse air base in North Yorkshire.
For those looking for something a little more sophisticated, the company is also launching Boozy Choc 'n Roll Party Puds.
The Henry-Anthony relationship helps spark the senator's son's very public coming-out--which precipitates a major crisis for his father and for his salty, wised-up, boozy Southern belle mother (Karen Allen).
Recipes for Boozy Rum & Raisin, The All in One, Rich Citrus and Whisky Custard Cream are available in their latest full-colour leaflet which can be obtained by contacting them.
Are boozy yobs or rowdy pubs and clubs making your life a misery?