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Asked if a booze up is still a useful bonding tool, O'Neill said: "As long as you're not overplaying the drinking, there's an element of that.
Even his friends can't keep up." Farrell will go out with a bang tonight with yet another booze up at his favourite bar.
"But the Irish students just come on a big booze up.
The management all over this country are only able to manage booze ups in brewers but nowt else.
As a result, 33% hope the stag do tradition will die out, with 18% saying the prospect of being caught up in "compromising photos" meant the booze ups were no longer "a laugh".
Mention the name Whitley Bay today and people are most likely to think of Bank Holiday booze ups. Ken said: "The Rex Hotel is seen as the centre of night life in Whitley Bay yet it started life as the Waverley temperance hotel in 1907."
I'm banning Christmas, booze ups, carol singing and smiling until 2005.
The sound of a BBC boss defending bigwig booze ups was every bit as excruciating as MPs and their moats.
THEY were once the ultimate bad boys of rock - leaving a trail of drug binges, booze ups and fist fights in their wake.
Elsewhere it's the usual big booze ups, usual bands and DJs, with door prices tripled just because it's December 31.
The Dublin-born film star is famed for his womanising and high-flying lifestyle of endless parties and big booze ups.