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boot up

To turn on a computer. A noun can be used between "boot" and "up" or after "up." I think something is wrong with my computer—it's taking a really long time to boot up.
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haul (oneself) up by bootstraps

To put forth effort to improve one's life or circumstances, rather than relying on others. After I declared bankruptcy, I had to haul myself up by my bootstraps and rebuild my financial standing.
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boot something up

to start up a computer. She booted her computer up and started writing. Please go boot up your computer so we can get started.
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boot up

[of a computer] to begin operating; to start up one's computer. He turned on the computer and it booted up. Try to boot up again and see what happens.
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pull oneself up by one's (own) bootstraps

Fig. to improve or become a success by one's own efforts. If Sam had a little encouragement, he could pull himself up by his bootstraps. Given a chance, I'm sure I can pull myself up by my own bootstraps.
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boot up

Start a computer, as in When you've booted up, it's best not to turn off the computer until you're done for the day . The term, dating from the late 1970s, was a shortening of bootstrap, another computer idiom referring to using one set of instructions to load another set of instructions. Also see log in.
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by one's bootstraps

see under pull oneself up.
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pull oneself up by the bootstraps

Succeed by one's own efforts, as in She was homeless for nearly two years, but she managed to pull herself up by the bootstraps. This expression alludes to pulling on high boots by means of the straps or loops attached to them at the top. [Early 1900s]
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pull yourself up by your bootstraps

If someone pulls themselves up by their bootstraps, they improve their situation by their own efforts. Note: Bootstraps are straps attached to a boot which you use for pulling it on. It was his ability to pull himself up by his bootstraps which appealed to his boss. Note: Verbs such as haul, pick and lift are sometimes used instead of pull. Lift yourself up by the bootstraps, young fellow. Make yourself upwardly mobile.
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to your bootstraps

If someone has a particular characteristic to their bootstraps, that characteristic is very strong in them. Note: Bootstraps are straps attached to a boot which you use for pulling it on. The novel's hero is honourable to his bootstraps. Sir Robert Menzies was British to the bootstraps.
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pull (or drag) yourself up by your own bootstraps

improve your position by your own efforts.
A bootstrap is sometimes sewn into the back of boots to help with pulling them on. This idiom has given rise to the computing term bootstrapping , meaning the process of loading a program into a computer by means of a few initial instructions which enable the introduction of the rest of the program from an input device. We now refer to the process of starting a computer as booting or booting up .
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drag/pull yourself up by your (own) ˈbootstraps

(informal) improve your situation yourself, without help from other people: Nobody helped her get where she is today — she pulled herself up by her own bootstraps.
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boot up

1. To cause some computer or similar device to start working and and prepare for operation: This program will boot up your disk drive automatically. My computer is so badly damaged that I can't even boot it up.
2. To start working and prepare for operation. Used of computers and related devices: My new computer boots up in less than 30 seconds.
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by (one's) (own) bootstraps

By one's own efforts.
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pull yourself up by your bootstraps

To succeed through hard work. Before zippers made getting into tall boots less of a chore, such footwear had leather attachments by which the wearer would pull them on (Western boots and some English riding dress boots still have them). Trying to raise yourself off the ground by pulling on your bootstraps sounds impossible . . . and it is (don't try it—you'll throw out your back). Therefore to pull yourself up by your bootstraps is to achieve your goals through as much hard work as levitating yourself would take.
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Rapid growth' businesses use both classic financial and bootstrapping strategies to position their ventures for growth.
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May 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- RightNow(R) Technologies today announced that founder and CEO Greg Gianforte is bringing his bootstrapping message to the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Software Strategy Summit, which is being held May 15-16 at the Westin St.
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He is the author of "Bootstrapping Your Business," the definitive book on bootstrapping strategies and techniques.