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He has released a slew of "bootleg" collections, including a box-set of his live performances that consisted of 36 CDs.
The Bootleg Beatles, with more than 4,000 gigs under their belts, don't just have the precise sound but also the looks, the mannerisms and the humour of the originals.
It's testament to the enduring appeal of the Fab Four that tribute band The Bootleg Beatles will celebrate their 30th anniversary next year.
Now John, Paul, George and Ringo (or rather Neil, David, Andre and Hugo) are heading for the Philharmonic Hall as part of what has become an annual Christmas tour, this time celebrating the Bootleg Beatles' 30th anniversary along the way.
The club will receive the proceeds from the Bootleg Beatles concert after all costs, helping to fund its relocation from the dilapidated base they have operated from since 1965 to state of the art, youth-designed community facilities on a new 20-acre site near Wallsend Golf Club.
But the tribute to end all tributes will always be the Bootleg Beatles and in front of an eager international crowd they didn't disappoint.
TRIBUTE BAND The Bootleg Beatles were in Cardiff last night where they dedicated their show to the late George Harrison.
Four hours later the investigators had what they were looking for: a haul of around 600 alleged "bootleg" CDs.
The QB carries out the bootleg action as far as possible to sell the waggle pass, then sets an throws to the halfback behind the screen blockers.
Taking audiences through the life of the band thanks to five costume and set transformations evoking memories of The Cavern of 1962 via Shea Stadium, Sergeant Pepper and a Magical Mystery Tour to the rooftop of the Apple Building in 1969, the Bootleg Beatles also use original instruments and amplifiers to ensure authenticity.
Q WHO are the best bootleg producers at the moment?
The Bootleg Beatles last night played to a packed audience of 2,000 at the Liverpool Empire.
A spokesman for the Bootlegs said last night: "We wish Paul all the best in his future career and look forward to working with David."
Adam joined the band for its first two corporate gigs last week but said he was "really, really excited" about the forthcoming exhaustive tour, which will see him performing at Newcastle City Hall - where the Bootlegs have performed frequently and where the Beatles also appeared - on Saturday, December 17.
A spokeswoman for the Bootlegs Beatles said: "Yes, Reuven did audition and played a gig with the Bootleg Beatles but a decision has yet to be made.