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shake your booty

dance energetically. informal
Booty in this context means ‘buttocks’ (it originated in African American slang in the 1920s, probably as an alteration of botty , itself a shortened form of bottom .
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and boodie and bootie and booty
1. n. the buttocks. (Potentially offensive. Usually objectionable.) Look at the nice little boody on that guy.
2. n. someone or something disliked. (From sense 1) Why don’t you clean up all this boody? This place is a mess. Don’t be such a bootie!
3. n. the female genitals; the vulva and vagina. (Usually objectionable.) He wants to get into her boody.
4. n. women considered as a receptacle for the penis. (Rude and derogatory.) He likes boody better than anything.


See boody

booty call

1. n. sexual arousal. (Usually objectionable.) Sam said he was feeling the booty call and needed to find his woman.
2. n. calling someone up for sex. (Usually objectionable.) Reg stopped at a phone booth in the bar to make a booty call.
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booty check

n. a search of the rectum, as when police look for drugs. Willie got arrested and had a booty check since he was walking funny.
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n. nonsense; bullshit. I’m tired of listening to all your booty-cheddar.

ghetto booty

n. big buttocks on a black woman. Look at that ghetto booty on that mama.
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