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boost up

To hoist someone or something up to a higher point. A noun can be used between "boost" and "up" or after "up." I boosted up my daughter so that she could get a better view of the giraffes at the zoo. Boost me up so I can spy on them through the window! Boost up that box before it falls.
See also: boost, up

boost someone up

to give someone a helpful lift up to something. She boosted me up so I could get into the window. They boosted up the child for a better view.
See also: boost, up


1. tv. & in. to steal or shoplift something. (Underworld.) He specializes in boosting meat for resale.
2. tv. to praise or hype someone or something; to support someone or something. She is always boosting some cause.
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Oxxon's PrimeBoost immunotherapy delivers multiple melanoma specific epitopes in a priming and boosting regimen.
In addition, one stage III patient showed a partial clinical response which was sustained up to week 72 following further MVA boosting.
How will boosting technology evolve through this decade?
How can these players respond to regional turbo boosting market opportunities if the focus is on globalisation?
Boost Mobile(TM) is a lifestyle-based telecommunications brand that is dedicated to boosting the lives of today's young people by contributing to youth development programs.
He will discuss the CGM technology's unique improvements over conventional oxy-fuel boosting that have been confirmed in computer simulation testing.