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boost up

To hoist someone or something up to a higher point. A noun or pronoun can be used between "boost" and "up." I boosted up my daughter so that she could get a better view of the giraffes at the zoo. Boost me up so I can spy on them through the window! Boost up that box before it falls.
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signal boost

1. verb To share particular information online in order to raise awareness of it or expose it to a larger audience. Hey, will you signal boost our charity event this weekend? If you retweet those trolls, you're just signal boosting them, and that's exactly what they want.
2. noun An increase in the awareness or exposure of particular information online, typically achieved through the sharing of it by someone with a large following. Hey, if you could share our charity event, you could really give it a signal boost. Don't retweet those trolls—you're just going to give them the signal boost they're looking for.
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boost someone up

to give someone a helpful lift up to something. She boosted me up so I could get into the window. They boosted up the child for a better view.
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1. tv. & in. to steal or shoplift something. (Underworld.) He specializes in boosting meat for resale.
2. tv. to praise or hype someone or something; to support someone or something. She is always boosting some cause.
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Boosted saquinavir has demonstrated potency in once- and twice-daily schedules.
In total, 337 patients were recruited and non-inferiority was demonstrated at 48weekswith 64.7%of those taking boosted saquinavir and 63.5% of those taking boosted lopinavir achieving a viral load <50 copies/ml.
No recent large-scale randomised trial has evaluated boosted saquinavir against another third agent in experienced patients although it has been assessed as a second PI/boosting agent in BMS-045 as well as other double PI combinations [9].
Several small studies of once-daily boosted saquinavir using the early formulations at varying doses but mainly 1600/100mg have demonstrated variable results.
The therapeutic effect of different doses and schedules were assessed in a double-blind randomised study of boosted lopinavir (study M97-720) in naive patients with stavudine and lamivudine following which the twice-daily dose of 400/100mg was chosen [14].
Study M98-863 was a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled evaluation of twice-daily boosted lopinavir with unboosted thrice-daily nelfinavir 750mg in patients who also received non-blinded stavudine and lamivudine twice daily [15].
Boosted lopinavir has been compared to once- and twice-daily boosted fosamprenavir (the CONTEXT study), unboosted and boosted atazanavir (BMS-043 and BMS-045 studies, respectively), boosted darunavir in treatment experienced but lopinavir-naive patients (the TITAN study) and, in a post hoc analysis, in triple-class treatment-experienced patients failing a PI-based regimen with one or more primary PI mutations (the POWER studies) [9, 20-24].
In early January, the dollar was boosted by investors seeking a safe haven against the backdrop of growing tensions in the Persian Gulf.
Most of this improvement reflected unilateral transfers associated with Operation Desert Storm: The fourth-quarter deficit was boosted by a grant from the U.S.
Saudi Arabia and other oil producers boosted output to offset the embargo on Iraq and Kuwait, and the Allied forces demonstrated that they could prevent significant disruptions to supply.
Along with the tight inventory situation, retail gasoline prices may have been boosted by the mandatory switch to cleaner - and more expensive -gasoline before the summer driving season.
Despite further monetary ease, the dollar continued to rally on foreign exchange markets, in part boosted by political developments abroad, particularly in the Soviet Union, and potential economic difficulties in Germany.
In the first quarter, this aggregate also was boosted by a surge in currency stemming from rising demand abroad, particularly the Middle East.
The second battle was the boosted PI, where no resistance developed when those drugs were used.
GW433908 in ART-naive subjects: absence of resistance at 48 weeks with boosted regimen and APV-like resistance profile with unboosted regimen.