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The speakers are only rated -3 dB to 70 Hz, so even with all the controls at maximum setting there isn't any low bass, and the lower mids get pretty boomy if you overdo it.
I also never had a problem with a boomy midbass, and I had no need to ever set the boundary controls to attenuate the low frequencies.
Without the Steradian in the system, the speakers could get a bit boomy, and I clearly preferred having the Steradian switched into the system.
The double bass sounds a little boomy, but that's probably what it would be like in real life.
I also tried Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances (London 410 124), another oldie but goodie that has a tendency to sound a bit overly full and reverberant (some might say boomy or bloated) on certain speaker systems.
A recording that sounds rich and robust when played on a third pair may sound bloated and boomy on a fourth.
LOOKING oldish now with a gritty ride and boomy engines, but still faithful.
Things did not improve with choosing the sub/sat configuration, except that on rock it was clear there was a bit more free bass power with the subwoofer in a corner, meaning you could turn its bass level down on, to preclude a boomy balance and increase headroom, and still get a few more decibels for the octave below, say, 60 Hz, and to play louder in general.
And on "Pick Yourself Up" from An Evening with Mel Torme, his lower register sounded boomy, while his upper register sounded just fine.
The bass was boomy, as if the little woofers were trying too hard, and the vocals were boxy.
Indeed, while it could be argued that the DVD-A track on most of the music on this disc sounded a tad thin sounding in the deeper bass, the DD material was decidedly boomy at times.
Hardly the easiest venue to find (and in fact quite scary to approach), it rewards the visitor with a boomy acoustic which adds shrillness to upper voices and bombast to deeper ones.
Engines may be a touch boomy and the cabin slightly plasticky, but all models will handle with the French company's usual crispness.
The engine may be a bit boomy and the cabin too plasticky, but my goodness, it does handle.