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boom or bust

Resulting in an outcome that will either be very good or very bad. Many professional athletes face a boom or bust situation early in their career, where they are either drafted to a professional league or don't advance at all. Working in the oil fields is always boom or bust: there's either lots of work for everyone, or hardly any work for anyone.
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An exclamation used in conjunction with a decisive or impressive statement or action. Boom! You can't argue with that logic. Straight flush, I win the pot! Boom.

boom out

1. To produce a loud sound that bursts forth. A noun can be used between "boom" and "out" or after "out." The sound of the car engine boomed out and made us all jump.
2. To speak loudly or forcefully. A noun can be used between "boom" and "out" or after "out." The security guard boomed instructions out at us as we pulled into the parking lot.
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lower the boom (on someone or something)

1. To punish someone or something harshly. He's a really strict teacher, so he'll definitely lower the boom on you if you don't do your homework. Well, Mom lowered the boom and grounded me for a month because I came home after curfew again.
2. To halt something or bring about its end. I used demerits to lower the boom on silliness in my class.
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boom out

[for a loud sound] to sound out like thunder. His voice boomed out such that everyone could hear. An explosion boomed out and frightened us all.
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boom something out

[for someone] to say something very loud; to shout. Will someone with a loud voice boom the names out? The announcer boomed out the names of the players.
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lower the boom on someone

Fig. to scold or punish someone severely; to crack down on someone; to throw the book at someone. If Bob won't behave better, I'll have to lower the boom on him. The teacher lowered the boom on the whole class for misbehaving.
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lower the boom on

Scold harshly or punish severely; also, put a stop to something. For example, If you're caught smoking in school, the principal is bound to lower the boom on you, or The new radar equipment enabled the police to lower the boom on speeding. This expression refers to the boom of a sailboat-a long spar that extends from the mast to hold the foot of the sail. In a changing wind, the boom can swing wildly, leaving one at risk of being struck. [Slang; first half of 1900s]
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lower the boom on

1 treat someone severely. 2 put a stop to an activity. informal
It has been suggested that this phrase originally meant ‘knocking out an adversary with one punch’ in a fight.
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boom out

1. To make a loud, deep sound: Rock music suddenly boomed out from the speakers.
2. To say something very loudly: She boomed her speech out to the entire building over the public address system. He boomed out the sermon in his thunderous voice.
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ace boom-boom

and ace boon-coon
n. one’s good and loyal friend. (Black. Ace boon-coon is not as common as the first entry and is objected to because of coon.) Hey girlfriend, you are my ace boom-boom. Where is my old ace boon-coon, bro?
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in. to listen to music, as with a boom box. If you’re going to boom all the time, why don’t you get some headphones?

boom box

n. a portable stereo radio. (see also box, thunderbox.) Turn down that damn boom box, or I’ll kick it in.
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boom sticks

n. drumsticks. (Musicians.) He always carries his boom sticks in his back pocket, and he beats on walls, radiators, desks—you name it.
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Dynamics, mids and highs were again very impressive, but the bass was so loose and boomy that I couldn't listen to these for very long.
The sound reflected the model name with great sound on sax, but had a boomy mid-bass and no deep bass.
Centre mascot Boomy the Bear will also be on hand to entertain younger shoppers.
Link Wray invented the heavily distorted sound that ruled rock guitar from the 1960s on with hits like his 1958 "Rumble'; Duane Eddy's "Rebel Rouser' from the same year pioneered the boomy twang and heavy reverb that became a staple; the Ventures unwound a long string of politer guitar-driven hits beginning with their 1960 tune "Walk Don't Run'; and countless surf groups like the Surfairs and Dick Dale played beach-blanket instrumentals for an endless summer.
The other room had just the two Odysseys, but it also wasn't set up well because bass standing waves were very boomy.
Symphony Hall, with its perfect acoustic, caused the Halle's splendid players initial problems, with a Beethoven Coriolan overture which was big and boomy and which revealed an imprecision of unison attack - possibly due to a quirk of the sound-parameters back at their new Bridgewater Hall home.
This boomy confessional, with its musical curves and scintillating adornments, shows ample talent blooming in deftly detailed but decisive fashion.
They arrive with the usual advice to place the speakers far enough from walls to avoid boomy bass, but inside each packing case is a pair of dense foam cylindrical bungs that can be used to change the bass loading of the systems from vented to sealed.
It's not that the playing is not top class - there are lovely versions of Evans' own Laurie and Gershwin's I Loves You Porgy - but the sound is very boomy and tiring by the end of the disc.
If fans go to the Franz website they can remix this single and there's certainly enough space for improvement in this boomy, roomy comeback.
Indeed, while it could be argued that the DVD-A track on most of the music on this disc sounded a tad thin sounding in the deeper bass, the DD material was decidedly boomy at times.
Hardly the easiest venue to find (and in fact quite scary to approach), it rewards the visitor with a boomy acoustic which adds shrillness to upper voices and bombast to deeper ones.
It works well enough, but is a bit boomy so I'd go for the nicer 1.
0-litre diesel won't have the dogs pasted to the back window but it feels willing and is surprisingly quiet considering it's at the front end of a big, boomy tin box.