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ace boom-boom

One's close friend. Oh, I'm sure he invited Dave—that's his ace boom-boom.
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An exclamation used in conjunction with a decisive or impressive statement or action. Boom! You can't argue with that logic. Straight flush, I win the pot! Boom.

boom goes the dynamite

interjection An exclamation used to emphasize when something exceptional has happened, especially when it occurred exactly as one intended. The phrase was popularized after a video of Ball State University student Brian Collins uttering it during a collegiate sportscast went viral on the internet. A: "You've got to use the sniper rifle to take out the guards in the tower, or else you'll never beat this level!" B: "OK, let me just line up my scope and—boom goes the dynamite!" A: "Hey, nice shot!"
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boom or bust

Resulting in an outcome that will either be very good or very bad. Many professional athletes face a boom or bust situation early in their career, where they are either drafted to a professional league or don't advance at all. Working in the oil fields is always boom or bust: there's either lots of work for everyone, or hardly any work for anyone.
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boom out

1. To produce a loud sound that bursts forth. The sound of the car engine boomed out and made us all jump.
2. To speak loudly or forcefully. A noun or pronoun can be used between "boom" and "out." The security guard boomed instructions out at us as we pulled into the parking lot.
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boom sticks

slang Drumsticks. The band's drummer is refusing to go on stage because he can't find his favorite pair of boom sticks.
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A large, portable radio. The stereotypical image of hip hop in the '80s is a guy walking down the street with a huge boombox on his shoulder. I can't hear myself think, thanks to the kids blasting their boombox at the park.

lower the boom (on someone or something)

1. To punish someone or something harshly. He's a really strict teacher, so he'll definitely lower the boom on you if you don't do your homework. Well, Mom lowered the boom and grounded me for a month because I came home after curfew again.
2. To halt something or bring about its end. I used demerits to lower the boom on silliness in my class.
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boom out

[for a loud sound] to sound out like thunder. His voice boomed out such that everyone could hear. An explosion boomed out and frightened us all.
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boom something out

[for someone] to say something very loud; to shout. Will someone with a loud voice boom the names out? The announcer boomed out the names of the players.
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lower the boom on someone

Fig. to scold or punish someone severely; to crack down on someone; to throw the book at someone. If Bob won't behave better, I'll have to lower the boom on him. The teacher lowered the boom on the whole class for misbehaving.
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lower the boom on

Scold harshly or punish severely; also, put a stop to something. For example, If you're caught smoking in school, the principal is bound to lower the boom on you, or The new radar equipment enabled the police to lower the boom on speeding. This expression refers to the boom of a sailboat-a long spar that extends from the mast to hold the foot of the sail. In a changing wind, the boom can swing wildly, leaving one at risk of being struck. [Slang; first half of 1900s]
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lower the boom on

1 treat someone severely. 2 put a stop to an activity. informal
It has been suggested that this phrase originally meant ‘knocking out an adversary with one punch’ in a fight.
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boom out

1. To make a loud, deep sound: Rock music suddenly boomed out from the speakers.
2. To say something very loudly: She boomed her speech out to the entire building over the public address system. He boomed out the sermon in his thunderous voice.
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ace boom-boom

and ace boon-coon
n. one’s good and loyal friend. (Black. Ace boon-coon is not as common as the first entry and is objected to because of coon.) Hey girlfriend, you are my ace boom-boom. Where is my old ace boon-coon, bro?
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in. to listen to music, as with a boom box. If you’re going to boom all the time, why don’t you get some headphones?

boom box

n. a portable stereo radio. (see also box, thunderbox.) Turn down that damn boom box, or I’ll kick it in.
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boom sticks

n. drumsticks. (Musicians.) He always carries his boom sticks in his back pocket, and he beats on walls, radiators, desks—you name it.
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lower the boom, to

To punish severely, to take a decisive action against. This slangy expression, also sometimes used in the meaning of literally delivering a knockout punch, dates from the first half of the 1900s. It alludes to a sailboat’s boom, which can swing wildly in a changing wind. For example, “The bank lowered the boom on Jim and demanded the collateral on his loan.”
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So while my general impressions of the speaker noted earlier are supported by the measurements, the overall in-room horizontal radiation pattern also supports my comments that this speaker is essentially neutral, neither boomy nor brassy.
Although it was making incredibly big bass for the small size of the cabinets, the bass was very boomy. These speakers would benefit greatly from a subwoofer that could take the bass load and let the Rainmakers' mid- and treble virtues shine.
It is not only boomy when extended, but it lacks smoothness, refinement and flexibility, and matched to the four-speed automatic box, it displays a distaste for fuel economy and environmentally sensible emissions.
The 100 bhp engine was slightly sluggish from rest but once under way it was fairly brisk though a little boomy and no i sy.
The bass is not boomy but neither is it hard hitting.
There is good response across the rev range but it gets a bit too boomy in mid range and quite harsh as the revs build up towards the 700rpm red line.
At the first show I found lots of design flaws that produced boomy bass, screechy highs, and boxy or chesty mids.
Admittedly Cleveland's boomy Masonic Auditorium is not conducive to absolute clarity of texture, and rather bottom-heavy in some tuttis, but the sound is generally lifelike and free of distortion.
Centre mascot Boomy the Bear will also be on hand to entertain younger shoppers.
The system is also very biased towards bass, the boomy and not the punchy kind, and unless you turn on the ClearAudio+ feature, dialogues delivered in movies during action scenes become extremely difficult to discern.
Not all the blame can be laid on the performers, with the boomy hollow staging favouring trumpets and, especially, kettle-drums to a degree which forced more delicate instruments to compromise their intonation in the struggle to compete.
The other room had just the two Odysseys, but it also wasn't set up well because bass standing waves were very boomy. Violins became edgy at loud volumes, which wouldn't be the room's fault.
The 50mm drivers on the Pebbles churn out boomy bass, good enough to fill up a small room for a party but nothing exceptional.
Judging's tough in a talentless contest "IT'S BOOOOOOOOOOOT CAAAAAMMPPP!" cried the man with the big, boomy voice, as the next stage of The X Factor approached, a reaction exactly like my own - only without the despair.
They arrive with the usual advice to place the speakers far enough from walls to avoid boomy bass, but inside each packing case is a pair of dense foam cylindrical bungs that can be used to change the bass loading of the systems from vented to sealed.