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baby boomer

An American person born during the "baby boom" following World War II, between the years of 1945 and 1965, during which the population of the United States increased by 40 percent. Typically used to describe members of this generation, who have been associated with economic prosperity, consumerism, self-indulgence. Primarily heard in US. Since baby boomers represent such a large percentage of the population, financial experts are concerned about the impact their retirement will have on the economy.
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a ˈbaby boomer

(American English also a ˈboomer) a person born during a period when many more babies are born than usual (called a baby boom), especially after the Second World War: The new President was a baby boomer, born in the 1950s.
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(baby) boomer

n. someone born during the baby boom—from the last years of World War II until the early 1960s. When the baby boomers get around to saving up for retirement, you’re going to see a lot of investment scams.
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1. n. a laborer who moves from one economic boom to another. Fred’s great uncle was a boomer in the days of the Oklahoma oil rush.
2. Go to (baby) boomer.


n. a thunderstorm. There will be thunder-boomers in the boonies tonight.
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Sixty-seven percent of millennials who were not saving said they could not afford to do so, compared with 56% of boomers, perhaps because they had more debt.
With the youngest boomers turning 50 this year and the oldest approaching 70, those near one end of the generation could have completely different needs and tastes than those near the other.
If the party preferences of each generational group were to hold steady in the coming years as the Democratic-leaning baby boomers gradually replace the more Republican Silent and Greatest generations, the country as a whole would likely become more Democratic.
Boomers are influenced and respond to cultural nostalgia and memories, staying young, fulfilling dreams, safety, travel, adventure and NASCAR-type promotional themes.
Baby boomers - Americans born between 1946 and 1964 - are a very large consumer segment with an age range that spans nearly 20 years.
The boomer narcissists found their calling: to revolutionize the family.
As for the early boomers, they are better off financially because they had a lot of job opportunities when they entered adulthood, Kessler says.
Boomers own more vehicles and drive more often and at older ages than prior generations.
Other companies directly influence the senior marketplace by offering new perspectives on the delivery of services geared toward baby boomers.
But to say that these triumphs belong exclusively to the Boomer generation is to give my contemporaries more credit than is deserved.
Computer designed by Ivan Ivanov and featuring lively, colorful illustrations by A&O Ivanov, Boomer To The Rescue by Peter Parente is the story a lavender skunk who is nervous about his first day of school because he is so different.
Advising Boomers' is a publication designed to help financial advisors work with Baby Boomer clients.
IT HAS TAKEN 40 years for me to come to the conclusion that if you are born a baby boomer you are pretty much destined to die one too.