1. verb To leave or depart. Dude, I hear sirens—we better boogie before the cops get here.
2. verb To dance, often to rock music specifically. I hope you'll boogie with me tonight—my husband hates to dance.
3. verb To become focused and work diligently on something. Fine, take a break now, and then we'll boogie.
4. verb, vulgar slang To have sex. I heard that Katie and Brad boogied last night after leaving the bar together.
5. noun A style of dance that is often done to rock music. I'm not great with the boogie—can you show me some moves?
6. noun Solid mucus removed from the nose. Ew, quit rubbing your boogies on me, or I'll tell Mom! I don't have any noticeable boogies, do I?

boogie down to (some place)

To go or hurry to some place or event. I'll boogie down to the store after I finish watching this show.
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(ˈbugi and ˈbʊgi)
1. n. a kind of rock dance. I didn’t like the boogie until I learned how to do it right.
2. in. to dance rock-style. I’m too old to boogie.
3. n. a party where the boogie is danced. There’s a boogie over at Steve’s tonight.
4. in. to get down to work; to get down to business. All right, it’s time to boogie. Cool it!
5. and booger n. a piece of nasal mucus. (Usually objectionable.) Is that a boogie on your lip, or what? There’s a booger on his collar.
6. in. to leave. Come on, man. Let’s boogie.
7. n. a tumor. (see also guber.) Looks like a little boogie down in the lung.
8. in. to copulate; to have sex. (Usually objectionable.) Let’s go boogie.
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