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Hunting has changed a lot according to the boob-tube. I expected the tactics and equipment to change, but not the ethics.
Single Scorpio have a weekend coming up the likes of which you haven't seen in a while so get your boob-tube on and get out amongst it.
SERENA Williams was left with nothing to cover her blushes after bursting out of her boob-tube swimming costume as she relaxed in the Caribbean surf.
If you want to show off shapely shoulders this boob-tube is perfect for a girls' night out.
London, Jan 15 (ANI): Amid the global financial crisis, a company has come up with a 'magical' scarf that can transform from a piece of neck wear into eight other items, including a dress, a skirt, a or boob-tube style top.
Even worse, boob-tube lovers are more likely to develop problems, such as diabetes and high cholesterol, as adults.
Kitten star Jenny Frost wore just a boob-tube held in place with tape, while her band-mates Liz McLarnon and Natasha Hamilton wore black bra tops.
You spend the next six hours in front of the TV, soaking up whatever boob-tube culture she had recorded back home.
I even love a lot of the garbage on the Web, so-called time-suck sites, just as I have to admit to some guilty boob-tube pleasures.
Opposite page: left, jacket with fake fur collar and cuffs in winter white (pounds 45), boob-tube (pounds 6) and jeans (pounds 25); right, black & white fake fur zebra jacket (pounds 65).
That cute coloured boob-tube wouldn't stay in place without it, while that little black dress would just hang listlessly if Lycra had never been invented.
WHAT should a girl rely on to be sure of support under those strappy, one-shouldered dresses and boob-tube tops that are all the rage?
For our part, we've been asked from time to time when we're coming up with our own boob-tube booboos book.
The capsule of must-haves - a dress, vest, shorts, boob-tube, bikini and flip-flops - goes on sale this week for pounds 26.50 at Asda.
But Simona then decided to double a pink boob-tube, discovered in Barnardo's, as a knicker-flashing mini-skirt.