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1. slang noun A female breast. The male fascination with boobs will always be beyond my understanding.
2. noun A stupid, clumsy, or foolish person. Jeremy can act like such a boob sometimes.
3. noun A foolish or clumsy mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Aw, don't worry, you just made a bit of a boob, that's all.
4. verb To make a foolish or clumsy mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK. I'm afraid I boobed pretty spectacularly in class this morning.

side boob

slang The side of a woman's breast when partially exposed or accentuated by her clothing. Does this dress give me too much side boob?
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man boobs

slang A derisive reference to a man's chest, especially when he is overweight and appears to have breasts. You need to hit the gym, dude. Man boobs are not sexy.
See also: boob, man


1. n. a stupid person; a rural oaf. Why did I marry a boob like you?
2. and booby (ˈbubi) n. a breast. (Usually plural. Usually objectionable.) With boobs like that, she can go anywhere she likes.


n. a television set. (Something for a boob to watch.) You spend too much time in front of the boob-tube.
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75% said if there was no pain, risk or cost, they would change the appearance of their boobs.
Ideal as gifts for mothers or daughters, Boob Lube is a fragrant soap formulated with lavender and rosewood.
Any online forum will tell you that men don't generally associate fake boobs with being more womanly, or sexy for that matter.
The NHS estimates 30,000 boob job operations are carried out in the UK every year, with around 4,500 of these being funded by the state.
Wise posted a 45 second video clip taken from his painless Body Building in Water series and called it the "Man Boob Lifter.
Chloe said: "My boobs started growing in primary school and by the time I was in secondary they were quite some size.
The Boob Brigade is making appearances at Komen Race for the Cure(R) events across America -- Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Portland, OR; Baltimore, MD; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; and Austin, TX.
Swift also managed to show off a bit of side boob for her outfit at the Grammy Awards.
You should be clear that you're happy with your body and don't be pressured into getting a boob job.
Another point: Not many good, reliable surgeons will even consider doing boob jobs on girls under 18.
LAST week we revealed how busty TV`s Rhian Westbrook had decided to go for a drastic boob reduction op.
com invite race participants to visit their booth and join Boob Brigade 2000 in the fight against ill-fitting sports bras.
There's nowhere to hide puppy fat or love handles with a tight-fitting boob tube.
It's heartening to find that, with the increasing popularity and accessibility of the World Wide Web, more and more kids are spending less and less time in front of the boob tube.
6 ( ANI ): Kate Upton's breast size 34D has been chosen as the ideal boob size with 75 percent of girls loving her boobs, a new survey has revealed.