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1. slang noun A female breast. The male fascination with boobs will always be beyond my understanding.
2. noun A stupid, clumsy, or foolish person. Jeremy can act like such a boob sometimes.
3. noun A foolish or clumsy mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Aw, don't worry, you just made a bit of a boob, that's all.
4. verb To make a foolish or clumsy mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK. I'm afraid I boobed pretty spectacularly in class this morning.

boob tube

slang The television. What's on the boob-tube tonight? Anything good?
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man boobs

slang A derisive reference to a man's chest when he appears to have breasts. You need to hit the gym, dude. Man boobs are not sexy.
See also: boob, man

side boob

slang The side of a woman's breast when partially exposed or accentuated by her clothing. Does this dress give me too much side boob?
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1. n. a stupid person; a rural oaf. Why did I marry a boob like you?
2. and booby (ˈbubi) n. a breast. (Usually plural. Usually objectionable.) With boobs like that, she can go anywhere she likes.


n. a television set. (Something for a boob to watch.) You spend too much time in front of the boob-tube.
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Boogie lowdown STRUTTING their stuff on the dance floor, Seventies disco divas were the first to turn the boob tube into a fashion statement.
``I couldn't eat or drink anything so all I was bringing up was bile, which killed, but I didn't care about that, wanted to see my new boobs.
75% of us compare our boobs to other women's - whether it's friends, strangers or celebrities.
Khloe, who was earlier married to basketball player Lamar Odom, told her sister that her boobs were leaking like a water fountain and Kim accepted the incident as a natural occurrence of motherhood.
My mum and my sisters all have big boobs, so I was the only one that didn't.
The Man Boob lifter exercise is just one of about 40 new "Extreme Muscle Exertion without Compression Exercises" Wise has edited into a new series of video classes he calls "Bodybuilding in Water."
"Side Boob" is the fashion industry's term for their latest look: skimpy frocks which reveal the side of the breast.
(Just say no to booble, aka boob stubble, which is as awful as it sounds.)
LIVERPOOL is the boob job capital of Britain, new figures today reveal.