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Cosmopolitan beauty editors have confessed their "love" for the original boo-boo solution, which the company refers to as “first-aid for the fashionista.
TOP TOON: Singer Justin is Boo-Boo in a new movie, his latest big-screen role
Boo-Boo Buddy reusable packs are made from a nontoxic material that allows them to remain pliable at freezing temperatures.
CELEBRATION: The Rugby Town under-sixes at their Christmas party at the Ken Marriott Leisure Centre with manager Sam Jarvis, and Boo-Boo the Clown.
Median results from the survey reveal that kids value a hug from mom at $20, and the going price for kissing a boo-boo is $13.
We're running out of sunlight and raisins - which would be the greater tragedy I couldn't say - so we launch a hearty round of top-of-her-voice bye-byes to big tree and boo-boo tree alike, and retrace our steps through the very-very-big woods.
Boo-Boo Cover-Up is a hybrid health and beauty product that has been touted as “magical” by top make-up artists and doctors alike.
s Boo-Boo Care line of products aims to address both sides of that equation.
James Brown, from Bishopbriggs, Glasgow has a movie boo-boo baffler for me.
But they're not going to make the same boo-boo with the second-generation model.
The coach company made a bit of a boo-boo," explained Ryan.
His advice includes such things as trick selection, roll-away etiquette, and boo-boo style avoidance.
It's City Walk South or, as it is very likely to become known several billion dollars later for its proximity to the hapless convention center, ``Boondoggle by the Boo-boo.
Imagine Mom's surprise when she finds her children's glowing faces on the petals, along with a few poignant phrases - 'We love the boo-boo kisser