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The boo birds in Hoos-ville sang in chorus when Watford was intercepted in the end zone by cornerback Dior Mathis, who returned the pick 97 yards.
But Carl's race, his personal life, his family and anything else that is not baseball related, should always be off limits to the Boo Birds.
I'm sure there will be a few boo birds but I'm going there open minded and just concentrating on the game because it's very important that we win."
The Sox committed three errors behind an array of five young pitchers, and despite the fact manager Jerry Manuel was resting some of his regular players, the boo birds voiced their disgruntlement during the game.
He looks to spectators and waves, even shaking hands with some of the boo birds after his matches because he knows the real winners of his bouts are children.
We're hoping a few disgruntled boo birds will decide not to renew their tickets - especially if they're in the lower half of Section 27.