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and bhong (bɔŋ)
1. n. a marijuana smoking device that cools the smoke by passing it through water. (Drugs.) This bong is really getting sort of nasty.
2. tv. & in. to smoke marijuana or other drugs with a bong or other device. (Drugs.) Wanna go bong a bowl?
3. n. a puff or hit of marijuana taken through a bong. (Drugs.) I’ll take two bongs, and then I gotta go.
4. tv. & in. to drink keg beer through a hose. (see also beerbong.) Everybody bonged till the keg was empty.

bonged (out)

mod. exhausted from too much marijuana. (Drugs.) I was bonged all through the holidays.
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See also: bong

do some bongs

tv. to smoke some marijuana, usually with a water pipe. (see also bong.) All the kids think that doing bongs is the greatest thing on earth.
See also: bong
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BIG Ben should bong Britain out of the European Union on the day of Brexit, Leave-backing Tory MPs have said.
But Commons authorities could not confirm when the chimes would start up again, or whether Big Ben would bong on Brexit day.
The Coalition Government is determined to reduce the harm to Victorian families caused by cannabis use, and prohibiting the sale of bongs is an important part of achieving that," Wooldridge said.
Younger people were far more likely to agree that the bong ban would have no impact, according to the survey conducted by Newspoll.
Jamie Burke, 20, was on holiday with a group of public school friends in Thailand when he was pictured with a wooden bong - commonly used for smoking marijuana.
Jamie was on the tiny island of Koh Pha Ngan with 20 friends when the bong picture was taken at Pan Viman hotel.
Deborah Kings, who runs the Spirit of the Age store in Byram Arcade, Huddersfield, was told to stop selling the bongs because they were not on the stock list on her tenancy agreement.
Bongs are used when smoking tobacco - but are known to be used by people smoking cannabis.
Young is obviously very close to his subject -- Vietnam and the Bong family -- and this makes the book much more substantial than simply another journalist's recollection of the war and its victims.
Bong acquires as per September 15, 2000 the British envelope business, Rexam Envelopes.
As a result of the acquisition, Bong will have combined revenues in the U.