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and bhong (bɔŋ)
1. n. a marijuana smoking device that cools the smoke by passing it through water. (Drugs.) This bong is really getting sort of nasty.
2. tv. & in. to smoke marijuana or other drugs with a bong or other device. (Drugs.) Wanna go bong a bowl?
3. n. a puff or hit of marijuana taken through a bong. (Drugs.) I’ll take two bongs, and then I gotta go.
4. tv. & in. to drink keg beer through a hose. (see also beerbong.) Everybody bonged till the keg was empty.

bonged (out)

mod. exhausted from too much marijuana. (Drugs.) I was bonged all through the holidays.
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See also: bong

do some bongs

tv. to smoke some marijuana, usually with a water pipe. (see also bong.) All the kids think that doing bongs is the greatest thing on earth.
See also: bong