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and bhong (bɔŋ)
1. n. a marijuana smoking device that cools the smoke by passing it through water. (Drugs.) This bong is really getting sort of nasty.
2. tv. & in. to smoke marijuana or other drugs with a bong or other device. (Drugs.) Wanna go bong a bowl?
3. n. a puff or hit of marijuana taken through a bong. (Drugs.) I’ll take two bongs, and then I gotta go.
4. tv. & in. to drink keg beer through a hose. (see also beerbong.) Everybody bonged till the keg was empty.

bonged (out)

mod. exhausted from too much marijuana. (Drugs.) I was bonged all through the holidays.
See also: bong, out


See also: bong

do some bongs

tv. to smoke some marijuana, usually with a water pipe. (see also bong.) All the kids think that doing bongs is the greatest thing on earth.
See also: bong
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Lastly, it is no secret that SAP Bong Go has the trust of President Duterte, to the point that Tatay Digong defended him when he was seemingly accused of corruption by some news outlets.
included " Bong, previous for spent last bedroom break-up Bong "struggled and had a " He had strong personal mitigation, including longstanding mental health problems.
He soon learns that the only way to advance your career in Korea is via a good old-fashioned bribe, foreshadowing the depictions of bribery and corruption that recur, both explicitly and implicitly, in every Bong work (Korean audiences, he says, 'see [bribery] everyday in movies and TV as well as in real life' (18)).
Earlier this year,Downing Street said Britain would leave the EU "when Big Ben bongs midnight" on March 29 2019, the deadline for the two-year Article 50 withdrawal process.
In brief remarks, Representative Prince Moye praised President Sirleaf for her strong leadership role and commitment to the people of Bong County over the years, particularly for signing the Act creating Jorquelleh District number II in Bong County.
In recent surveys, Bong Bong placed second to Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero, Poe's running mate.
However, Bong does not seem to be offering a social critique so much as an analysis of the relationship between the national imaginaries of South Korea and America.
Bong previously managed relationships with clients in the private bank and trust channel at Neuberger Berman.
The Bong center was founded on the banks of Lake Superior as a tribute to Major Richard I.
It was time for us to refocus on our core strengths in language," Bong said.
Adapted by Bong and Kelly Masterson ("Before the Devil Knows You're Dead") from the 1982 graphic novel by authors Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette, "Snowpiercer" has been brought to the screen with the kind of solid narrative craftsmanship, carefully drawn characters and respect for the audience's intelligence rarely encountered in high-concept genre cinema except when directors like James Cameron, Christopher Nolan and Guillermo del Toro are at the helm.
Bong excelled in both programs, and, by early January 1942, just a month after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, he had both his wings and a commission as a second lieutenant.
2 November 2011 - Swedish packaging specialist Bong (STO:BONG) said today it has bought 50% in UK sector player Angus & Wright Limited for an undisclosed price.
How can you send Chinese and Caucasian Australians to jail for selling and displaying bongs and then exempt Lebanese and Egyptian Australians from selling and displaying their version of a bong?
BONG JOON-HO'S MOTHER is not as great a movie as the director's devastating police procedural Memories of Murder (2003) or as entertainingly edgy as The Host (2006), which pits South Korea's favorite actor, Song Kang-ho, against a rapacious mutant sea monster with a knack for parkour, who grows to Godzilla-like proportions feasting on pollutants tossed into Seoul's Han River by the resident American military.