bone idle

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Extremely lazy. Can you please get Billy to go to the playground or something? He's just laying around all day, being bone-idle.
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ˌbone ˈidle

(British English, informal) (of a person) very lazy: The family consists of Vera, her intensely irritating husband and her two bone idle sons.
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When will teachers join the real world?" Dave Cooper said: "Bone idle teachers, try a low paid job like mine and struggle to pay the bills, they don't know how good they have got it."
Yet as a judge branded the defendant "bone idle" and a "drunk bully", the defendant's partner and mum of the boy told the court she still wanted the relationship to work.
They're pop idols while the people who cream off the cash are arguably bone idle.
She has reportedly accused her of being "bone idle" and unable to master the most basic karate.
Some people are just too bone idle to make the effort and I include those people that want someone else to come and take their rubbish away for them without checking out who they're paying.
I guess I'm just bone idle" Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins "I'm a pretty shambolic person.
After a |meal that size, Little Mitzi was just - bone idle!
Yes, there are those screwing the system, the bone idle, but in a kind of reverse-Darwinism, nature doesn't weed out the nimrods: they seem to keep on blagging and dodging while the majority for whom poverty is not a 'lifestyle choice' are scapegoated.
The self-proclaimed intellectual - who claims he is "not a preaching moralist" - rails against "the bone idle middle classes sponging enormous salaries for doing nothing".
I work 10 minutes from the ground and if I wasn't so bone idle taking the short cut, I'd walk past it every day.
He would have qualified as a working class hero if he wasn't so bone idle and she would have given The Good Life's Margot a run for her money in the snobbery stakes.
AN INVESTIGATION was under way last night into Merseyside chief fire officer's comments that some public sector workers are "bone idle".
The state should not have to underwrite the sexual peccadillos of the irresponsible or pamper the bone idle.
Consider Balding said: "We have always liked her but she is bone idle, so hopefully there is any amount of improvement in her.
Granted, he can be bone idle in his races and is likely to drop the bit at some stage, thus making for an uncomfortable ride for his backers, but his resolution and staying prowess will make him hard to beat under the prevailing conditions.