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(one's) word is (one's) bond

One always keeps one's promises. I promise that I'll be there in time with the money for the deposit: my word is my bond.
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one's word is one's bond

Fig. one's statement of agreement is as sound as a posting of a performance bond. Of course, you can trust anything I agree to verbally. My word is my bond. There's no need to get it in writing.
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someone's word is their bond

someone keeps their promises.
A variant of this expression, now rather dated, is an Englishman's word is his bond .
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your, his, etc. ˌword is (as ˌgood as) your, his, etc. ˈbond

used to say that somebody always does what they promise to do: Don’t worry, you can trust my brother. His word’s as good as his bond.
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junk bond

n. a low-rated corporate bond that pays higher interest because of greater risk. (Parallel to junk food.) Don’t put all your money into junk bonds.
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UHMW PE fibers, surface-modified by treatment with a F2/02 atmosphere, have significantly increased wetting and bonding properties.
Development work has focused on this task and has developed aqueous adhesives for bonding NBR to metal.
* This new EPDM-based adhesive offers unprecedented compatibility with EPDM rubber sheets, resolving a simple but crucial bonding problem.
However, this type of bonding is difficult and requires a very precise technique.
Concentration of these two elements was considerably higher at the interface between bonding agent and rubber.
Keep all bonding resins in the refrigerator if not used on a daily basis.
They are said to be recommended for bonding thin-wall thermoplastics, including ABS, and PVC, as well as composites where other adhesives or assembly methods show read-through of the bond lines.
The company applied its expertise of cross-head bonding of rigid to flexible thermoplastic elastomers and ran trials on an innovative multi-extrusion process that lead to the solution:
BASF offers a 60 A TPU for bonding. Although it has resulted in stress cracking with substrates of PC and ABS, this problem does not occur with crystalline polymers such as nylon 6.
"Dihydrogen bonding leads to strong adhesion," Crabtree says.
Rubber Bonding 2006, organized by Rapra Technology Ltd., will be held February 21-22 at the Holiday Inn City Center in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Theorists have predicted that a sufficiently high pressure can alter the bonding in ice, transforming the material from a molecular solid in which hydrogen bonds hold water molecules in place into an ionic material made up of oxygen and hydrogen ions (protons).
Polymer Bonding 2004, sponsored by Rapra Technology Ltd., will take place April 27-28 at the Forum Hotel Manchen in Munich, Germany.
Consequently, hydrogen can link with those atoms' free bonding sites, but does not break bonds within the semiconductor.
Both structural and pressure-sensitive bonds are formed by a bonding process.