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(one's) word is (one's) bond

One always keeps one's promises. I promise that I'll be there in time with the money for the deposit: my word is my bond.
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one's word is one's bond

Fig. one's statement of agreement is as sound as a posting of a performance bond. Of course, you can trust anything I agree to verbally. My word is my bond. There's no need to get it in writing.
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someone's word is their bond

someone keeps their promises.
A variant of this expression, now rather dated, is an Englishman's word is his bond .
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your, his, etc. ˌword is (as ˌgood as) your, his, etc. ˈbond

used to say that somebody always does what they promise to do: Don’t worry, you can trust my brother. His word’s as good as his bond.
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junk bond

n. a low-rated corporate bond that pays higher interest because of greater risk. (Parallel to junk food.) Don’t put all your money into junk bonds.
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Nilton Bonder afirma que la transgresion es necesaria en la vida de los hombres: "transgredir es un proceso, un momento en el cual nos volteamos hacia otra direccion, marcando con ello un nuevo segmento en nuestras historias individuales y colectivas" (Bonder 81).
With more than 100 automated wafer bonder installations worldwide, the GEMINI is designed for the lowest total cost of ownership and quickest return on investment.
Wire bonders have pattern recognition capabilities essential to modern electronics manufacturing.
Other technologies Casio Micronics has developed to commercialize the new COF include a new etching process that enables vertical etching of the sides of a wire, a chip bonding process that uses a highly insulating sealing resin co-developed with another company, and a new chip bonder and tester.
"I was very aware of how closely she watched everything," he says, "which is always a telltale sign that someone is ambitious, and smart." That facility was called into play when Bonder was asked to learn the title role of Balanchine's Firebird in a matter of hours after principal Margaret Tracey injured herself in 2000.
The model 8000 is a ball-and-stitch thermosonic wire bonder for complex, precision gold wire bonding applications where flexibility, ease of programming and high throughput are desired.
Live took Blume to the back of the store while Perez tried to bind a teenage employee, Daniel Bonder, with duct tape.
Specifically, SUSS MicroTec has supplied IMEC with a FC150 Automated Device Bonder to perform all bonding tests realized in the frame of this one-year research program.
The adhesive can be cured on a heated indexer of a die bonder, or in a snap cure oven to eliminate unproductive offline oven cure processes for time consuming multiple die stack applications.
``Z'' was obviously more of a challenge, but Ruurs came up with four ``z'' words in the verse, and Bonder added three more in the illustration.
Pictured are the winners of the contests with Gary and the chair of the event, Kimberly Bonder Rezanka.
In the first section, which looks at spaces of remembrance, architect Julian Bonder contributes an interesting first-person account of the construction of Clark University's Center for Holocaust Studies.
Our Immoral Soul: A Manifesto of Spiritual Disobedience, by Nilton Bonder. Boston and London: Shambala, 2001.
Last week he was embroiled in another paternity case in America, named as the father of four-year old Kira Kerkorian during a bitter row between Kira's divorced parents, Lisa Bonder and 84-yearold movie mogul Kirk Kerkorian.
The Superior Court lawsuit alleges Kerkorian, 84, was behind an effort to dig through Bing's rubbish for dental floss in an effort to prove - through DNA analysis - that Bing fathered the four-year-old daughter of Kerkorian's ex-wife, Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, 37, who is claiming higher maintenance payments from Kerkorian.