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The latest offering is the CuPRA3G(TM) which delivers excellent bondability, extended life span, and superior workability with any copper wire type.
Bondability of the plastic film bond line was determined by testing the shear strength of plywood.
Polar functional groups that can form and enhance bondability include carbonyl (C=O), carboxyl (HOOC), hydroperoxide (HOO-), and hydroxyl (HO-) groups.
Overmold bondability is a key property in many applications.
The unique combination of strength, esthetics and bondability allows Ribbond to be used for many different applications.
Specifications of the Deerfield film include excellent low temperature flexibility, outstanding abrasion resistance, colorability, bondability to many substrates, weldability (RF, heat seal, and ultrasonic), availability in a variety of widths up to 110" wide rolls and gauges 1 to 20 mil, and softness ranges from 75 to 95 Shore A.
The deposit provides a combination of excellent solderability and gold wire bondability, which brings robust quality for PCB and electronics.
Key statement: A low permeability rubber laminate having an excellent bondability, air pressure retaining property and durability and containing at least one low permeability resin layer having an average thickness d of 0.
Effects of low bondability of acetylated fibers on mechanical properties and dimensional stability of fiberboard.
Along with this production increase, the company starts producing a new CLA-1A copper wire product, which could lower the running costs against current products, and has improved bondability.
Specialty compounder RTP Company offers TPEs formulated for optimum bondability to rigid substrates for overmolding and multishot applications.
Polar functional groups that can form and enhance bondability include carbonyl (C=O), carboxyl (COOH), hydroperoxide (-OOH), hydroxyl (-OH), and amide (-CONH[.
Good/Good Fair/Poor Stiffness 3 1,2 Compression Recovery 3 2 1 Processability 3 2 1 Economics 1,2,3 Durability 3 2 1 Sonic Bondability 2,3 1 Water Resistance 3 2 1 Cure Rate 3 2 1 (*) 1 indicates first generation noncrosslinking, 2 indicates second generation conventional, 3 indicates third generation conventional