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one's word is one's bond

Fig. one's statement of agreement is as sound as a posting of a performance bond. Of course, you can trust anything I agree to verbally. My word is my bond. There's no need to get it in writing.
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someone's word is their bond

someone keeps their promises.
A variant of this expression, now rather dated, is an Englishman's word is his bond .
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your, his, etc. ˌword is (as ˌgood as) your, his, etc. ˈbond

used to say that somebody always does what they promise to do: Don’t worry, you can trust my brother. His word’s as good as his bond.
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junk bond

n. a low-rated corporate bond that pays higher interest because of greater risk. (Parallel to junk food.) Don’t put all your money into junk bonds.
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Adhesive bondability appears to be of prime importance for the potential utilization of CCA-treated pinewood in glulam.
TPi's Jean says challenges remain in the areas of TPOs' limited bondability and draw ratios.
However, its bondability to glass and extremely high optical quality, i.
The process characterization lab features the latest state-of-the-art equipment for characterizing the bondability of substrates," continued Mr.
The Aspun products provide strength and bondability as well as the softness of a natural fiber.
They can be processed via multi-shot overmolding, with inherent bondability to polypropylene substrates, to add "soft touch," ergonomic features for molded-in stoppers, seals and masks.
In addition, the results demonstrated that HMR-primed wood has excellent bondability to epoxy resin and does not require that the surface be replaned, even after 3 months of storage.
colorability, good wet COF, and bondability to thermoplastics for household items and all-terrain vehicle soft-grip products and watercraft;
According to Cyro, these rigid, easy-to-mold materials offer excellent resistance to isopropanol and lipids, plus bondability by all common methods.
In general, an excessive amount of a fluoropolymer on the extrudate surface can affect its printability, bondability, and wettability.
Table 1 describes the bondability of various materials.
Bondability to ABS and regulatory pre-compliance have enabled a Medalist medical elastomer from Teknor Apex to play a key role in a device that simplifies the delicate and often complicated deployment of catheters and guide wires for interventionalist procedures, which are less invasive alternatives to surgery.
Generally, lignocellulosic materials from herbaceous plants have a slippery waxy layer on their outer surfaces, which has a significant impact on the bondability with phenol-formaldehyde (PF) and urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins (Han et al.
And because the company also develops rigid substrate materials, it is able to combine its knowledge of those materials with that of overmold materials, thus enabling enhancement of the overall performance and bondability of the finished product.
R&D at Synergistics is aimed at improving the bondability of its Synprene SEBS elastomer to polar substrates like nylon, PC, and ABS, as well as to polyolefins.