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(one's) word is (one's) bond

One always keeps one's promises. I promise that I'll be there in time with the money for the deposit: my word is my bond.
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bond (one) out

To provide a bail bond in order for one to be released from jail prior to their appearance in court. Yeah, I bonded you out, but you still have to show up at court on the 16th, you know.
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junk bond

A corporate bond that has a high yield but also carries a low rating and high risk of default. They were making huge profits trading junk bonds, but then the market collapsed and they were stuck with worthless securities they couldn't get rid of.
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one's word is one's bond

Fig. one's statement of agreement is as sound as a posting of a performance bond. Of course, you can trust anything I agree to verbally. My word is my bond. There's no need to get it in writing.
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someone's word is their bond

someone keeps their promises.
A variant of this expression, now rather dated, is an Englishman's word is his bond .
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your, his, etc. ˌword is (as ˌgood as) your, his, etc. ˈbond

used to say that somebody always does what they promise to do: Don’t worry, you can trust my brother. His word’s as good as his bond.
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junk bond

n. a low-rated corporate bond that pays higher interest because of greater risk. (Parallel to junk food.) Don’t put all your money into junk bonds.
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While she spoke Tarzan could feel her working about his bonds. Occasionally the cold steel of a knife touched his flesh.
ECC had further decided that no further prize bond draw of Rs 40,000 would be held, however, all the prize money claims on the already held draws cold be claimable within the period of six years from the date of respective draw, as per National Prize Bonds Rules, 1999.
Conversion of Rs 40, 0000 Bearer Bond to Premium Prize Bonds (Registered): Rs.
It said that the ECC had decided that no further draw of Rs40,000 Prize Bond (bearer) would be held.
Exporters reject govt's bond float plan for tax refunds
SIGNIFICANT RESERVES: The senior NYCMWFA SRF bonds have aggregate pledged reserves totaling approximately 90.5% of outstanding bond par.
Paula Morris decides to allocate $200,000 of her fixed income holdings to a bond ladder.
Reportedly, a mandate has been given to Carnegie and Danske Bank (the managers) to explore possibilities of early redemption of the existing bonds through re-financing with a new bond issue (the bonds).
Russ Pacala, owner of 33rd Street Bail Bonds, states, "If you are in need of a bail bond agency then make sure to choose one that is reputable.
The tax-exempt bond data presented here are compiled from the populations of Forms 8038, Information Return for Tax-Exempt Private Activity Bond Issues, and Forms 8038-G, Information Return for Tax-Exempt Governmental Obligations, filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for bonds issued during the given calendar years.
The green bond market began in Europe with multilateral development banks and governments.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-November 9, 2015-Nationwide launches new issues of fixed rate bonds and e-bonds
Losses occur in bond holding primarily when interest rates rise.
As a trade commodity, a bond has a price given in percentage of its nominal value.