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bona fide

1. Truthful or sincere. "Bona fide" is a Latin phrase meaning "good faith." Believe me, this is a bona fide job offer—you can start on Monday.
2. Genuine or legitimate. They say this is a bona fide Picasso, but I'm skeptical.
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bona nochy

dated slang Good night. Adapted from the Italian buona notte for use in Polari, a cant used by homosexual communities in Britain in the 1950s and '60s. Primarily heard in UK. Bona nochy, my wonderful cove. What's the cackle on the streets tonight?
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nulla bona

From Latin, literally, "no goods," a writ returned by a sheriff or similar official to indicate that no goods were obtained that can be used to satisfy a legal action for debt or damages. A warrant of execution was issued to cover the cost of the judgment, but after a thorough search of the defendant's dwellings revealed no property of any substantial value, the sheriff was forced to return a write of nulla bona.
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'I am also impressed to learn that BONA wishes to sign with other stakeholders such as BISA and BOTESSA,' he said.
Prior to 2005, most courts had ruled that a dispute as to a portion of a creditor's claim did not give rise to a "bona fide dispute" that disqualified the creditor from seeking involuntary bankruptcy relief, This rule was based on Congress' stated intent that the purpose of Section 303(b)(1)'s limitation was "to prevent creditors from using involuntary bankruptcy as a club to coerce a debtor to pay debts as to which the debtor, in good faith, had legitimate defenses."
"Your Tea Party brethren Sarah Palin put up a map that included the names, locations and faces of Democratic candidates and put them in the crosshairs of a gun," Bona said on the voicemail, played several times during his trial.
My first observation is that I am once more seeing the very confusion, inconsistency and dishonesty in narrating facts that made me to discontinue reading Sayed Bona's book he referred to above despite encouragement from my brothers.
However, the appeals judges said that while the district judge in Hawaii cannot "clarify" what the Supreme Court meant by "bona fide relationship," he does have the authority to "interpret" the Supreme Court decision, a distinction that may be lost on most lay people but which had lawyers nodding politely.
Dalla Bona is a principal at Woodland Heritage, an archaeological consulting firm he and his partner, Dr.
Additional benefits are available to bona fide residents of Puerto Rico who own shares of corporations organized in Puerto Rico.
illegal bona fide possession is an actual state, and not a legal right.
Following the same procedure we used in Vilma's instance, we first recalled Nora's big-screen starrers since the '70s and found superior merit in such films as Paru-parong Itim, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Fe, Esperanza, Caridad, Minsa'y Isang Gamu-Gamo, Banaue, Ikaw ay Akin, 'Merika, Himala, Ina Ka ng Anak Mo, Atsay, Bulaklak sa City Jail, Bona, Bilangin ang mga Bituin sa Langit, As Long as There's Music, Annie Batungbakal, And God Smiled at Me, Andrea, Paano Ba ang Maging Isang Ina?, Ang Totoong Buhay ni Pacita M, Inay, Bakit Bughaw ang Langit?, The Flor Contemplacion Story, Taklub, Sidhi, Thy Womb and Bakit May Kahapon Pa?
Bona film group celebrated its 15th anniversary in June with a lavish dinner for some 200 friends at a luxury hotel in Shanghai.
Un spectacle alliant musique diwan, jazz, blues et soul music base sur l'echange et les rencontres entre musiciens, a ete anime, jeudi dernier au soir a Alger, par le groupe [beaucoup moins que] Ifrikya Spirit [beaucoup plus grand que] et le jazzman camerounais, Richard Bona et son band, devant un public nombreux.
Whatever convinced Bona and his band to make a fleeting visit to Lebanon this summer, it seems hard to imagine this international star has played another venue as stunning.
Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue (VIBIR) for 2002-2004, was a bona fide resident of the U.S.
Vin Di Bona is a 70-year-old second-generation Italian-American Hollywood producer who 25 years ago re-invented a simple TV show.