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bon appétit

Used to wish everyone present an enjoyable meal just prior to eating. Borrowed from French, the term literally means "good appetite," A: "Wow, Chuck, this dish you prepared looks amazing!" B: "Thank you, I hope you enjoy it. Bon appétit!"
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bon mot

A clever or witty retort. Brett was teased quite often by his peers, but he always responded quickly with a bon mot, causing everyone to erupt into laughter.
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bon viveur

A connoisseur of food and wine. Primarily heard in UK. Janine is such a bon viveur that she would never dream of serving her guests boxed wine at her party.
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bon voyage

expression Farewell and have a pleasant journey. From French, literally "good voyage." I just came to say bon voyage before you got on your train. A: "OK, I'd better hit the road." B: "Have a wonderful trip, darling, and be safe. Bon voyage!"
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"Both businesses are focused on the independent speciality food sector and our purchase of hf Chocolates will mean all customers in this sector will continue to benefit from two very distinct business and product offerings, while enjoying the high levels of customer service and innovation that the market has come to expect from Bon Bon's."
Formed in 1983, Bon Jovi has released 13 studio albums, six compilations and three live albums.
9.30 and 2.30 - Mark Thomson (Kintore); Mark Rae (Newmachar); Barrie Edmond (Bon Accord).
The acquisition will allow Bon Secours to focus "on things that have been our strength for really the last 25 years," said Dr.
Bon Jovi first performed at the Ricoh in June 2006, in what was one of the first big stadium shows at the newly built arena, which has a concert capacity of 40,000.
Se tomo una muestra de sangre de 59 vacas Holstein, 40 vacas BON y 25 vacas F1 del cruce BON x HOL, todas ubicadas en el mismo hato en el corregimiento de Santa Elena a 16 km del municipio de Medellin-Antioquia, con las siguientes caracteristicas climaticas: altitud 2500 msnm, zona de vida bmh MB, temperatura 14[grados]C, precipitacion anual 2500 mm y humedad media de 75,5%.
As the UK and international sales director for Bon Bon Buddies, Mr Boldsworth will be expected to use his sales and marketing experience to cultivate business across the company's territories.
Justin Thomas, managing director of Bon Bon Buddies, said: "We're extremely proud of our Brain Blasterz range and we're thrilled to be bringing this international favourite to new audiences in the United States and China."
The band has been performing the music of Bon Jovi for nearly 20 years, and toured widley in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, and has even been described by Jon Bon Jovi as the best Bon Jovi tribute band he has ever watched.
The recommendations were sent to the BON, the Colorado Medical Board, and Joe Neguse, the Department of Regulatory Agencies Executive Director.
Back in the fall of 2012, Justin Vernon told Minnesota Public Radio that Bon Iver was perhaps nearing its end.
For our elections, vetting volunteers is an extensive process--one that falls to the Board of Nomination (BoN).
Bon-Odori (meaning Bon dance) is a traditional Japanese dance held every summer in Japan as a reminder of the gratefulness one should feel towards one's ancestors, who have passed away.
Often nurses have a difficult time articulating the differences between the SC Nurses Association (SCNA) and the SC Board of Nursing (SC BON).
Surprize Qubes is an innovative building block-shaped confectionery that has been designed and brought to the market by Bon Bon Buddies to offer children a sweet treat, which can be consumed, collected and played with.