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1. adjective, slang Excellent; extremely entertaining; of very high quality. (Sometimes used as "the bomb.") That steak I had at dinner was bomb! I'm not usually a fan of action films, but that one was the bomb!
2. verb To fail spectacularly or to a great degree. Despite all the media hype, the major summer blockbuster bombed on its opening weekend.

bomb around

1. To move around (some place) very quickly and recklessly. I was afraid someone was going to get hurt from the way the kids kept bombing around the house. There was little else to do in such a rural town besides bomb around in our cars.
2. To travel around (some place) very quickly. We spent the summer bombing around Europe on motorcycles.
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bomb out (of something)

To fail spectacularly or to a great degree. Despite all the media hype, the major summer blockbuster really bombed out. He graduated at the top of his class, but his brother bombed out of college in just one semester.
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bomb out at (something)

To be eliminated from some competitive event due to a very poor performance. After bombing out at the 2001 Junior Nationals, I never really felt motivated to play table tennis at a competitive level again.
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bomb out on (something)

1. To fail or do very poorly at something, especially an exam. I felt sure that I had bombed out on the test, so I was shocked to learn I had gotten a B+.
2. To quit, abandon, or choose not to go through with something. I bombed out on the horseback riding after hearing about Sarah's accident. Tom keeps bombing out on our plans.
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bomb through (something)

1. To release bombs that must travel through something else before exploding. Bomb through the leaves to the base down below!
2. To use bombs to gain access to something. They'll bomb through the wall to get in here if they have to.
3. To have rapid success in some area. Can you believe that he's bombed through all those AP courses and he's only a junior?
4. To proceed quickly and forcefully through some thing or area. The boys bombed through the house in pursuit of snacks.
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slang To surprise someone (intentionally or unintentionally) by unexpectedly appearing in a photo they have taken or are trying to take. Kevin, quit photobombing us! We just want to take one nice picture! Ugh, the guy in front of us must have moved because he ended up totally photobombing us.
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1. n. a bad performance or an inherently bad show. They tried as hard as they could, but the thing was a bomb from Act One on.
2. in. to fail. My first try bombed, but things got better.
3. Go to bomb(shell).




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At least 10 people died during the attack which is considered as the first case of a successful suicide bombing in the country via car bombing.
The discovery of the homemade bomb came amid intelligence reports that a certain Yasser Saligan of BIFF under Commander Sukarno Sapal alias Diok will carry bombings in Sultan Kudarat.
Anyone could have been hurt in the most recent bombing, even children, he said.
Fawzia Abdela'el, 73, was killed in a bombing in Gaza City.
Bakr Mohammad Joudah, 22, died in the same bombing.
In the period before the bombings, the alternatives were not considered as alternatives but as "strategies" to obtain Japanese surrender before the planned November 1 invasion.
Russell was not against acknowledging the lives of Britain's wartime pilots, roughly 55,000 of whom had been killed, but felt that the suffering inflicted by the aerial bombing campaign should also be remembered.
"In the short term, people would rally around the President." Karl Rove believes that bombing Iran will get the Republicans through the 2006 election, Klare says.
National Security Archive, an independent research institute in Washington, told me he has declassified CIA and FBI documents quoting informants linking Posada to planning meetings for the 1976 plane bombing.
"The bombings won't affect my editorial as my next issue will be in around a month's time." He publishes six times a year.
The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and then Nagasaki persuaded Emperor Hirohito, who had wavered for weeks, that the war must end immediately.
On December 1, 2001, just yards from where the triple-suicide bombing took place in Jerusalem more than 4 years earlier, Hamas carried out a double-suicide bombing, followed approximately 20 minutes later by a car bomb.
August 6th of next year will mark a date of tragic distinction: the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.
1985: April 12 -Eighteen killed and 82 injured in Madrid bombing claimed by Shia Muslim extremists.
Six Army nurses were killed by the German bombing and strafing during the Battle of Anzio, where Balch, Doyle, and Plenert served.