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bombard (one) with (something)

1. Literally, to attack one repeatedly, as with gunfire or explosives. The enemy army retreated after we bombarded them with grenades.
2. By extension, to subject one to something repeatedly. Quit bombarding me with pitches and let me set up in the batter's box! Don't bombard your brother with suggestions—his paper is due tomorrow, so he needs to commit to a topic and just write about it! Every time I come home for the holidays, my mom bombards me with questions about my personal life.
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bombard (one) with questions

To ask one a lot of questions, typically in quick succession. Every time I come home for the holidays, my mom bombards me with questions about my personal life.
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bombard someone or something with something

to cast or shoot something at someone or something. (See also bombard someone with questions.) The boys bombarded their friends with snowballs. Gerald bombarded his friends with criticism.
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bombard someone with questions

Fig. to ask someone many questions, one after another. The press bombarded the president with questions. The company spokesperson was bombarded with leading questions.
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Five died and over 200 were injured early on Wednesday in the area, hammered by one of the heaviest bombardments in seven years of war that has killed at least 250 people in 48 hours, a war monitor said.
The opposition-held suburb of Daraya has been under siege by government forces since November 2012 and has seen some of the worst bombardments in the country's six-year-long civil war.
HALEP (CyHAN)- 244 civilians, including 43 children, were killed in bombardments, which were conducted by Assad and Russian forces in a week in Aleppo.
The author is focused on the summer and fall of the 1864 siege, bombardment, occupation, and finally burning of Atlanta.
| The 130 ceramic poppies which formed part of the artwork Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London last year and which were used in the subsequent dedication ceremony for the new Headland memorial to the casualties of the bombardment.
The icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn, such as Europa and Enceladus, are likely to have undergone cometary bombardment.
Nearly 27 people killed and 4 others were wounded in the bombardment of the Saudi warplanes to the house of Abdullah al-Ibi in city of Sa'ada, said a local source in the governorate.
Death From Above: The 7th Bombardment Group in World War II
COMMEMORATIONS took place in Hartlepool 100 years after the North-east coast was devastated by a German bombardment in 1914.
Around a dozen fighters and multiple rebel commanders were also confirmed killed in the bombardment, which targeted Talbiseh, a town north of the city of Homs on the country's main north-south highway.
The campaign includes a series of posters calling for an end to the government of Sudan's (GoS) aerial bombardment of civilians in areas under rebel control and the schools, hospitals, mosques and churches servicing them.
The citation for Allan, 35, from Edinburgh, reveals a story of reveals a story of astonishing courage: astonishing courage: "After a heavy "After a heavy bombardment, bombardment, the ank of 61 the ank of 61 Division became Division became exposed.
In another development, al-Shifa Medical Complex announced the martyrdom of two citizens from Najm household who succumbed due to injuries sustained in an Israeli bombardment of their family home in the perimeter of al-Tauba mosque in Jabaliya camp in northern Gaza Strip.
ANBAR/ Aswat al-Iraq: Head of the physicians in Fallujah hospital reported the killing of nine civilians and wounding ten more in random bombardment on different parts of the city.Dr.
He lasted just two weeKs before he died during a heavy bombardment. His sergeant wrote to Joe's parents at Sugden's Buildings in Slaithwaite, stating: "He was Killed instantly and suffered no pain.