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bombard (one) with (something)

1. Literally, to attack one repeatedly, as with gunfire or explosives. The enemy army retreated after we bombarded them with grenades.
2. By extension, to subject one to something repeatedly. Quit bombarding me with pitches and let me set up in the batter's box! Don't bombard your brother with suggestions—his paper is due tomorrow, so he needs to commit to a topic and just write about it! Every time I come home for the holidays, my mom bombards me with questions about my personal life.
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bombard (one) with questions

To ask one a lot of questions, typically in quick succession. Every time I come home for the holidays, my mom bombards me with questions about my personal life.
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bombard someone or something with something

to cast or shoot something at someone or something. (See also bombard someone with questions.) The boys bombarded their friends with snowballs. Gerald bombarded his friends with criticism.
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bombard someone with questions

Fig. to ask someone many questions, one after another. The press bombarded the president with questions. The company spokesperson was bombarded with leading questions.
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"We were bombarded with snow and iceballs by children and youths who congregated at the bottom of Lewis Place.
At the turn of each new calendar year we are bombarded with media pronouncements on the supposed significance of the old one.
So we say to CEOs who are tired of getting bombarded on every front: Stand up and make your case.
The court heard Tagg bombarded Dodd with letters, cards and indecent photographs.
During plasma etching, substrates are bombarded by reactive chemical species and energetic ions generated in the plasma, resulting in selective removal of material from exposed areas of the substrate.
We are bombarded daily in the media by "voodoo science," from fatuous pseudoscience to willful misrepresentation.
They say tots are bombarded with ads to buy expensive toys and unhealthy junk foods.
BNN+ managing editor Steven Tobias said, "With the exponential growth of the internet, behavioral health professionals are being bombarded with more and more information.
They were constantly bombarded by a determined Watsonian attack who showered them constantly with direct running and well- thought moves, as they powered their way to a comforttable victory.
Or it may be that physicians are bombarded with so many different insurance companies that they develop a unified way to practice that affects all patients."
You cannot tell it was made on July 4, 1982, but the bouquets on the floor indicate the season's final performance (the company used to be bombarded with them on such evenings), and the costumes say a performance of Tschaikovsky Suite No.
If Segre bombarded molybdenum (element 42), might he not then manufacture detectable quantities of element 43?
When you pass food through a chamber contianing rods of radioactive cobalt-60 or cesium-137, it is bombarded with gamma rays.
In Hodeidah, the official affirmed that the coalition''s troops bombarded Hodeidah' airport, Khamseen st.
Baghdad, Iraq (NINA) -- Iraqi F-16 bombarded headquarters of the leaders of Daesh in Syria.