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4) The first blast, from a relatively small bomb, drew people out onto the street and was followed 10 to 15 seconds later by a much larger explosion, which caused most of the destruction.
Original Child Bomb was made with the endorsement and fiscal management of the Thomas Merton Foundation in Louisville, Kentucky; additional support was provided by the Becker Family Foundation].
During that time we also saw the advent of precision-guided bombs.
At NAS Dallas, Texas, in May 1953 an AD-4 Skyraider set a load-carrying record when it was flown with 10,500 pounds of bombs on board, 3,000 pounds more than its basic weight.
Morocco: Bomb, Depth bomb, Nonnuclear bomb (1953-1965)
Those bombs reek of diesel fuel and fertilizer," he explained.
In a February 28 briefing on the explosion investigation, Norman Police Department bomb expert Sgt.
When Israel successfully developed a nuclear bomb in the 60s, it inadvertently became a kind of role model for a motley crew of regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere.
The small-diameter bomb is a 250-pound class munition, providing the warfighter with a four-fold increase in weapons per aircraft station.
Suppose it was created by terrorists wielding a dirty bomb, an explosive laced with a radioactive substance such as uranium or cesium?
VALENCIA - Bomb squad detectives, suspecting pranksters, continued on Monday to piece together clues about two bottle bombs that exploded outside a restaurant and a bookstore Sunday.
Warren, in granting the injunction, said, "I want to think a long, hard time before I'd give a hydrogen bomb to Idi Amin.
When assessing school bomb threats, investigators first should question whether the threat passes the reality test, which they should apply to both the threatener and the threat.
Intoxicated by its newfound power, prestige, and prosperity," the United States became accustomed to living with, if not actually loving, the bomb.